Spiritual Wisdom: Balancing Truth, Compassion, and Free Will

By David Nova | Deus Nexus

In a previous post, I wrote about the Spiritual Balancing Act in the Higher Densities. I described the three spiritual principals (Truth, Compassion, and Free Will) that spiritually advanced beings in the higher realms observe and actively balance on the macro scale, in all matters concerning Earth and humanity, that prevent them from saving us from ourselves, advocating full disclosure, or abandoning us to the darkness.

Now I’d like to turn attention to the micro scale, and describe how these same three spiritual principals need to be actively balanced in the lower densities, both for individual and group consciousness.

Our world is out of balance in so many ways, and there are entities that take full advantage of this to keep us imprisoned.  Therefore it is up to each one of us to rebalance ourselves. And, once again, I would remind the reader that there is no Right Way or Wrong Way. For the Light, there is only Balance.

If we take a long hard look in the mirror, we can see this imbalance within the awakened community as well. We have light workers who are skewed toward compassion, blinding themselves to the darkness. We have a truth movement that is skewed toward gaining and distributing knowledge of the darkness, forgetting to ignite their own light. Each one of us possesses free will to choose our own pursuit, the free will to respect or trample over another’s free will. And of course, the world of sleepers and sheeple possess the same free will to refuse our truth and our compassion. However, when we are more balanced within, we may actually become a more ideal, well-tuned instrument to which they may listen and respond.

The Pursuit of Truth: We’re Not Here to Know Everything

This may sound counter intuitive, but we’re not on this planet to know everything. We’re not here to have all the information at our fingertips. This is a particularly human bias, advanced by western thought, that pure knowledge is the ultimate goal.

Before you hit the comment button, let me just say that there’s nothing wrong with learning more, pursuing new information, expanding your awareness. That is certainly what this site is all about. What I’m suggesting is that you simply accept the fact that you will never know everything there is to know in this lifetime, that you make peace with that, and that you learn to balance the other two spiritual principals within yourself.

Those of us who are awakened, who live too much in our heads and egos, are often drawn to the path of endless knowledge gathering. The internet easily feeds this obsession. (We are seeing this principle in action with all the recent revelations about Secret Space Programs, and it’s quite possibly becoming a distraction to our personal spiritual growth.) There is always something more to learn, to know, to understand. In an infinite universe, this path can actually go on for an eternity, and then circle back on itself.

When we eventually cross over to the other side, we’ll have access to all the knowledge of the Universe. We incarnated on this planet for a very specific purpose: for the growth and awakening of our soul and to aid the growth and awakening of other souls. When we awaken, we have an innate thirst for knowledge, however, soul grow is not concerned solely with mental knowledge. Infact, I would argue that mental knowledge actually plays a very small role in soul growth. We exist as non-material souls within a holographic universe, so our experience plays a much greater role in our personal growth than the canon of knowledge we obtain.

When we reincarnate into this world, all of that knowledge is left behind, yet we arrive with the emotional footprints of all our past experiences. It seems we are here with just enough information to continually make a free will choice, to choose a path, and to continually act upon that choice with dedication, perseverence, and conviction.

When we reach the stage where we are able to make a spiritual quantum leap, our physical vehicles will become capible of holding vaster amounts of knowledge than we now have access to. By then, our spiritual path has already been chosen and re-chosen. It would seem that spiritual life requires what could be described as “muscle memory.” We have to keep using the spiritual muscle for spiritual growth. If you simply have knowledge of exercise, yet never go to the gym, you won’t develop any muscle.

The Pursuit of Free Will: We’re Here to Choose a Path

Our limited knowledge and understanding of the universe in this present incarnation allows us to percieve an illusory sense of freedom within this lower density world. Illusory human freedom should not to be confused with the free will of the soul. Illusory human freedom is concerned with the choice between Coke and Pepsi.  On a larger scale, illusory freedom is concerned with such false dualities as Republican vs Democrat, Order vs Chaos, East vs West, the good guys vs the bad guys…

Like it or not, exercising the free will of our soul requires that we live in some degree of ignorance. We do not perceive that we are constantly surrounded by multi-dimensional forces pushing and pulling us. We do not perceive all of our past lives, all of our past traumas, all of our past choices. We are not chained to these memories. We may carry their emotions with us, but it is this lack of memory that allows us to freely choose a path for ourselves, or to advance further down our path with new experience. It even allows us the opportunity to integrate our past lives. Blaming Archons or some other entity for this condition will not change the fact that we choose to be here, on Earth, at this time.

When we reach the stage where we are able to make a spiritual quantum leap, our physical vehicles will become capible of holding all of our past life memories and fully integrate them.

The true free will of our soul is concerned with only one choice, the choice between the vibration of love and the vibration of fear. Archons and other dark entities are here to provide the alternative. Unfortunately, in many cases, they have overstepped their role. They work relentlessly to remove our free will, to make us slaves of artificial intelligence and artificial souls, like themselves. But they are only capable of manipulating our soul’s free will choice by putting us to sleep, or by distracting us.

Remaining within the illusory choice between false dualities is still surrendering to the vibration of fear.  If you believe that there are ‘bad guys’ who need to be punished and put to death, then your belief system is still part of the vibration of fear, no matter how noble your cause. Yes there are souls that do horribly bad things, but there are no bad souls. (Thought forms, artificial intelligence, non-ensouled entities is another topic.) Divine love is infinite in compassion, yet wise beyond lifetimes, allowing mistakes to be made, learned from, and forgiven, so that all souls may eventually return home to the presence of Source/God.

An act of forgiveness is about correcting our own perception, rather than releasing another soul from their karma.  Forgiveness does not release someone else from taking responsibility for their sins, but it allows you to be released from an emotional contract that is keeping you trapped within the framework of duality.

The Pursuit of Compassion: We’re Not Here To Save One Another

Herein lies the fallacy of religous Christianity: A third-party Christ figure can not forgive your sins or clear your karma for you. Only the divine self or Christ within you can forgive your sins and clear your karma. A mafia hit man can walk into a church and ask Christ (via a statue, a ritual, or a priest) to forgive his sins, then go out and commit murder again. Wash and repeat. But a mafia hit man who honestly seeks forgivenes in his heart will not commit another murder. Do you see the difference? The first case is a type of occult ritual to escape karma. The second case is transformational. And transformation always begins within, spreading outward.

We can not save other people. We can not save ourselves. We don’t require saving. We’re exactly where we need to be to wake up from our own illusory dream and reclaim our true divine self. Waking up is not just the awakening of our mind, or the awakening of our free will. It is also the awakening of our heart – the hardest part of all – the aspect within us many forget to activate, a spiritual discipline so many egos find unimportant.

We’ve been taught from birth, by the darkness that influences our culture, that compassion is weakness, that compassion is impotent, that compassion is a form of submission or surrender. This has been done largely by the  unhealthy imbalance between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. This is symbolically depicted by the duality of the male warrior who seeks to both victimize and rescue the weak and helpless damsel, who reciprocates by playing the duality roles of victim and seductress. (Nathan & Aline of Divine Pollination and the Unity Process, published a wonderful article on this dynamic HERE)

When extended to the extreme this is the covert victimization and the theatrical rescue of Gaia, or Mother Earth, as we see presented in the geo-engineering programs and the global warming solutions.  A real solution would be to stop raping Mother Earth, but the out-of-control masculine principle continues its game of covert victimization and theatrical rescue.  Gaia does not require rescue.  She could kick us all off like fleas if she desired, but she demonstrates her infinite compassion.

Compassion alone, without the balance of knowledge or free will, acts like an overprotective parent.  Compassion exercised alone is an aspect of the False Light, and this is where many light workers are lead astray. Compassion exercised alone eventually descends into a type of totalitarian dictatorship, where the priority is placed on security, protection, and control, all of the typical excuses that governments use to seize power. Compassion alone holds a deep fear of the darkness and its shadow side, believing that people need to be saved, from imagined enemies, and from themselves.

Too little or too much compassion is equally unhealthy, as it works against our self-liberation. With too little compassion, we become hard and brittle.  With too much, we become soft and compliant. Along with truth and free will, our compassion must be tempered and brought into balance. This is the beginning of spiritual wisdom. This is the middle path that strives for a compassionate balance between freely giving assistance and promoting self-empowerment. Wisdom lies in knowing when to intervene and when to step back.

Truth = Mind

Compassion = Heart

Free Will = Body & Soul (the physical, astral, and etheric vehicle)

But more importantly, opening one’s heart to compassion is an absolutely essential step in our personal transformation and our spiritual ascension. We can not transcend the duality of the third density with our mind or our will alone. We need to activate our compassion. We need to activate the entire Mind-Heart-Body system and keep it all in balance. We need truth to understand the path of divine love. We need compassion to experience the path of divine love, and we need the free will to advance along the path of divine love.  Falling out of balance often leads to detours.


About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


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