Is The Awakening Being Helped Or Hijacked By The Right/Left Duality Divide?

The political duality divide has never been more extreme. While the tension may lead to greater awakening, is it ultimately distracting, dividing, and conquering humanity?

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

Lately, I’ve been avoiding writing about politics. I’ve been avoiding writing pretty much anything. These days, all roads seem to lead back to politics, and my life has just been too busy to wade back into the swamp.

However I wanted to repost an article about the occult origin of comic books. Yet I quickly realized that I couldn’t post it without inadvertently walking into a political minefield (thus having to write a lengthy disclaimer). That’s how politicized every aspect of social discourse has become these days. It’s not much fun. So I realized that I probably need to write this post that I have been actively avoiding for a while.

The Political Pressure-Cooker

Over the last year or so, particularly since Trump was elected President, I’ve noticed that the awakened community and the alternative media seem to have swung hard to the Right, embracing conservative viewpoints and politics, almost to an extreme. This is not an indictment – I’ve observed the same swing to the Right within myself over the past year or two. The difference is that I’ve been silently observing this process within my consciousness, questioning it at times, wondering “Is this increased political polarization detrimental to our awakening, from a spiritual perspective?”

It seems rather self-apparent, the Conservative Right has woken up quite a bit more than the Liberal Left, which is why the deep state, the surveillance state, the mainstream media, and social media monopolies are actively suppressing and censoring conservative viewpoints. However conservatives do themselves no favors by impulsively counter-reacting to duality, thus willingly stepping into the Liberal trap of being labeled “a racist.”

In the past I’ve written extensively about the problem of duality and the need to overcome it, so it only feels natural to raise this issue.  We find ourselves in a world that is even more dualistic and divided, rather than more unified and healing. Our duality problem seems to be more pronounced every day rather than lessening its grip over us, The public has embraced a rabid new form of political duality, losing all pretense of intelligent, considerate civil discourse. We live in very angry times. Death threats are now considered political humor. Hated, impatience, and intolerance on both sides of the political spectrum is creating a toxic atmosphere that is dragging down our collective positive vibration.

This pressure-cooker will certainly force many more people to awaken, but at what cost? What kind of toxic atmosphere are they awakening into? There is a huge gulf between a political awakening and a spiritual awakening. A political awakening is trapped in a cul-de-sac of duality, which only leads to greater and greater conflict, with no aspect of positive resolution, which is exactly what the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be want. They want to keep us divided and fighting each other.

So I have to ask myself, has the Awakening been hijacked by The Right/Left duality divide?

Perhaps it is simply a matter of “things have to get worse before they can get better.” Painful truths have to rise to the surface before there can be any real healing. The problem of duality must be brought into the waking consciousness of a significant portion of the population before the world can ever hope to come together and completely dethrone the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be.

Once Upon A Time

Not so long ago I was very liberal. Now I find that I am quite conservative (Yet I refuse to adopt a political party). This transition often comes naturally with age. People tend to become more conservative as they get older, hold a job, have a mortgage, pay taxes, have children, have grandchildren, etc. However, the transformation we are witnessing now is quite different.

If you take a brief look back in time, the Conservative Right was not always the party of “The Awakened.” Remember 9/ll? Remember George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? Remember the false justification for war with Iraq? Remember the tide of rabid patriotism that ushered in the surveillance state? Remember when our civil liberties were gladly given away? Remember when torture as an instrument of war became publicly supported and accepted? Remember when it was the anti-war Liberal Left that was harassed, intimidated, and censored? And by their own corporate media. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Was the Conservative Right awake then? No, so perhaps they shouldn’t feel quite so smug now. We’ve all been duped by the PTSNB.

The Liberal Left wasn’t awake to 9/11 either, but many of us knew in our gut that something wasn’t right. We knew the official narrative was full of holes. Many simply accepted the narrative, but it helped others to jumpstart their own personal awakening process.

How things have changed. In less than two decades the script has completely flipped. Now it is the Conservative Right that is beginning intimidated and censored, and beginning to awaken to the truth.

What happened to the anti-war, pro-civil liberties, anti-torture, anti-surveillance Liberal Left?

Obama happened. The Liberal Left went back to sleep. The Liberal Left quickly learned to embrace illegal wars and universal surveillance and drone kills and bank bailouts and grew completely numb to institutional torture (Every liberal I know absolutely loves The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, programs that I can not watch because they glorify torture, gratuitous violence, and moral degradation.)

What does the Liberal Left stand up for now? Identity Politics. Utterly superficial victim-mentality politics that suffer from a type of Stockholm Syndrome. These are all reasons why I no longer consider myself liberal. Liberals have become the inmates running the asylum.

But ask yourself – Was any of this by design?

What About Trump?

I’m still very much on the fence concerning Trump. There are actions that his administration have taken that suggest he is actively fighting against the Deep State and the PTSNB. There are also actions that suggest he may be compromised, particularly in regard to the Middle East and Israel. Lately, Trump has filled his administration with Bush-era NeoCons, which is also very concerning.

President Trump is certainly guilty of feeding the Right/Left duality divide. Not a single Trump tweet misses an opportunity to fan the flames of extreme political division. Some view this as a highly strategic tactic. It keeps the Left off-balance, the ultimate distraction. “Look over here while I do this other thing over there.” It also provokes the Left into a tailor-made duality trap, encouraging them to react impulsively and recklessly. Consciously or unconsciously, Trump is manipulating the Right/Left division with every single tweet. This is not what I would normally call healthy, constructive behavior, which is why the Liberal Left is so angry and frantic. They can not see beyond the superficial appearance of things.

I feel with Trump, and whoever is supporting him behind the scenes, we have a very complex situation on our hands. The situation may not quite as B&W as most people would like it to be. What may be true is that there are powerful elements within the deep state that are equally sickened by the toxic swamp and the multi-tenticled PTSNB that has seized illegitimate power. However, I don’t think that we should confuse the political power struggle that is going on with the spiritual struggle that is also going on. They may not necessarily share the same end goals.

Just a theory – Trump and his “white hat deep state” may only be interested in the survival of America and American interests abroad for the sake of wealthy American (and non-American) businessmen, whom the PTSNB may ultimately view as disposable because they are not legitimate members of the ‘bloodline club,’ which is still a worthy goal for a nation’s President, but not exactly the global awakening liberation event that many awakened people are secretly hoping for. However, I do think that the one goal will organically aid the other goal. And I think that Trump is quite aware of his unique position at this historical moment. However, I don’t think I’d cast an idealistic spiritual halo over the very practical deep state war Trump seems to be waging.

All of this is intuitive supposition on my part, so feel free to disregard any or all of it.

The Real Storm

I’ll let you in on a secret, one I wont even bother to share with some of my sleeping liberal friends – I voted for Trump. I’m a member of that huge silence majority, and a formal Progressive Liberal as well (that must sting). But like so many people I simply could not stomach the idea of Hillary Clinton for President, and it’s not because I’m some kind of closet racist or sexist. It’s simply because she is corruption incarnate, and the Wikileak of Podesta emails certainly pushed me over that political edge. Because if you are still a human being with a working conscience, awareness of Pedogate will make you conservative in a heartbeat, even if there are conservatives involved.

So instead of staying home, I held my nose and voted Trump. I’m not the only one. How many can say the same thing? We voted for a hurricane to shake Washington DC to its very core, whether it succeeds or not. And we may have the late Seth Rich to thank for Trump’s victory.

And now we have to live with the outcome of that victory, the ravaging winds of that hurricane. But do we have to become part of the hurricane? Do we have to get swept up in the category 5 strength winds, or do we learn how to stand in the calm inner eye of the storm?

And this is where the Right/Left Duality Divide gets tricky. How do you stay awake, how do you embrace spiritual and moral values yet not get caught up in the political duality war that is spreading its insanity, not just across America but across the globe?

Finding Solutions

This duality insanity is going to continue to escalate, it has its own course and purpose now, but if you are spiritually awake there are a few things you can do to minimize your participation in it.

First of all, we need to recognize that basic morality, real human values, are not exclusive truths of either the Right or the Left. We need to deprogram ourselves from this form of political mind control. The right to live free from war, torture, slavery, starvation, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and child abuse is not a political value. It is a basic human right. And yet the Political Right and the Political Left can’t even seem to agree on these basic human values. They use these values as political footballs when it suits their game. The Political Right and the Political Left doesn’t seem to be interested in solving humanity’s evils, or we wouldn’t have a hidden epidemic of human trafficking in our own back yard (Trump’s efforts to the contrary). The Political Right and the Political Left are only interested in survival, in fighting each other to gain more power. Power over you. Their game was constructed by the PTSNB. With wisdom comes freedom from duality.

Second, conservatives who are awake should stop thinking of the Liberal Left as the enemy (and vice-versa). Most sleepers act out as unconscious pawns. Think “The Matrix.” We’ve all been there, we all started as sleepers, plugged in like Neo, so everyone should merit a little more compassion. The enemy of humanity has always been the Occult Elite, or the PTSNB, and even they themselves are pawns to something even darker, something not of this world. The more compassion you have, the more healing you can do.

Third, we should take a look at our thoughts, our reactions, and our language. Giving in to impulsive emotional reactions, uttering, blogging, and tweeting things that we eventually regret, that is not from our highest self may feel satisfying in the heat of the moment, but is completely counter productive. If we want to clean up some of the toxic atmosphere we live in, we need to learn to stand confident in our own truth without becoming defensive, combative, passive-aggressive, or over-indulge in political war humor – using humor as a deadly sword or a defensive shield. Our thoughts and the intention behind them have great power. This is very challenging inner-work, and it is easy to fall back into old habits.

Finally, we should try to choose our battles wisely. There are times when we should speak up for our truth and there are opportunities to remain neutral or silent. Knowing which battles are worth fighting and which are counter-productive is good for maintaining our personal vitality and mental health.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.



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