Aquarius: The Age of Freedom or Internet Isolation?

For my first new blog post, post-Deus Nexus, I’m going to take a critical look in the rearview mirror.

By David Nova

When I was blogging on Deus Nexus (which was censored by WordPress in October 2018) a secondary desire and unspoken personal objective for the blog was, in some small way, to help create a sense of community in the alternative-awakened world, something that seemed severely lacking in my perspective and in my own life. Yet I had no clear idea how to accomplish this.

Like all-too-many awakened individuals, I felt a keen sense of isolation in my personal life. I did not feel like I belonged to any particular community. I had a couple of individuals with whom I could share an awakened perspective, I belonged to a New Age meditation group, and I had a wonderful relationship with my partner of now 15 years, however I still felt very much isolated in the everyday sleeping mainstream world, as I am sure anyone reading this post felt at one time or another, and probably still experiences to some degree. 

It was perhaps a naive hope that Deus Nexus would help bridge this gap of solitude. It may have become an unconscious expectation, and if you have studied any spiritual discipline you are well aware of the pitfalls of holding on to expectations. Unconscious expectations are particularly tricky to untangle.

Thus my greatest disappointment with Deus Nexus was the lack of any real sense of community growing from it. My greatest frustration with Deus Nexus was the all-too-frequent emotionally triggered comments from speed readers who failed to appreciate the bigger picture I was trying to paint, who instead focused on individual words or phrases they venomously disagreed with. (They couldn’t seem to see the forest for the trees.) I suffered the same frustration with my novels, with readers and critics who were more obsessed with my passive writing style than the substance of my story.

Perhaps one of the greatest flaw of the internet (and thus social media) is this pervasive user preference for superficial style over meaningful substance, the mass proliferation of mindless tweets, posts, and videos that are quickly destroying any form of meaningful human culture or human interaction (except the anti-human culture the occult elite wish to push upon us).

Thus I believe that my own sense of disappointment and frustration is mirrored in our true feeling about the internet itself, and any form of social media.

It is indeed true that I have met and made some amazing awake friends via the internet and Deus Nexus (you know who you are). However, what we have is still very much an internet relationship, which is a very different animal from the deeper emotional and spiritual connection that an interpersonal, face-to-face, present-in-the-moment relationship can provide. 

Whether introvert or extrovert, all human beings are social beings. We thrive on social interaction, the free exchange of energy and attention, sharing our burdens and our victories, sharing our life stories.  We thrive on Love, and the filter of the internet is a piss-poor substitute for a whole-present-being expression of our love and friendship, just as internet porn is a piss-poor substitute for amazing sex with someone you love and trust.

Unfortunately, as we go about our daily spiritually-blind human lives, we tend to hurt one another, often unintentionally, or perhaps we simply ignore one another. Sometimes we run into individuals who want to suck all the time, money, or energy out of us.  So instead, we’ve learned, or we’ve been conditioned, to make a shift towards internet relationships because they feel “safe” or “convenient.”  In the era of smart phones, we rarely even talk to one another anymore. We text each other instead. I see this behavior in all of my sleeping friends.

Of course, text (and email) is a piss-poor communication medium, open to all sorts of misinterpretation, misreading, and misunderstandings, absent the subtle communication cues that can only be found in facial features or the tone of another’s voice. It is an intentional handicapping of our interpersonal relationships.

Yet what are we to do when we have no access to other awakened individuals in our immediate lives? An internet friendship is certainly better than no friendship at all. There are no easy answers here, just observations.

In many ways our solitude is an important gift for our personal spiritual growth, yet in excess, it may prove to be detrimental to human society as a healthy functioning whole.

So are we already far along the path to becoming the cybernetic, Transhuman “Borg” from Star Trek: The Next Generation, soon to be connected to the collective-internet at 5G speeds via an implanted mirochip 24 hours a day?

I don’t necessarily think so. I believe this course was already written in our stars, and the solution is written there as well. 

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

Even if you have no use for personal astrology, if you are spiritually awake you might consider doing some research into the Astrological Ages and the Precession of the Equinoxes, as I am not going to explore the entire topic in detail here. 

In short, we are currently in a transition period, leaving the 2000+ year old Age of Pisces, the age of Monotheistic religion, faith, belief, and personal sacrifice, and we are entering the Age of Aquarius, the age of technology, personal freedom, individuality, egalitarianism, and global consciousness.

Some people say we’ve already entered Aquarius. Some say we have a few more hundred years to go. The point is there is no specific start date, it’s more like a valley between two cresting waves. Some claim the life of Jesus Christ marks the beginning of the Age of Pisces. We may look back one day and say the creation of the internet marked the Dawn of Aquarius. 

Many of the current liberal social and political obsessions we are witnessing are purely Aquarius in nature, such as environmentalism, globalism, the rise of feminism, social justice and civil rights.  Of course, all of these aspects are being influenced and manipulated by an occult elite who are very much aware of the new Astrological Age we are entering. They’ve know about this transition since atleast ancient Egypt. They refer to it as the Age of Horus, and they have long been planning to steer humanity toward their dark version of this age, to manifest their New World Order.

So it must be understood that every Astrological Age, within the framework of third density duality, has a light-side and a dark-side. While the light-side of Aquarius is universal freedom, brotherhood, and global consciousness, the dark-side of Aquarius is an impersonal, technological, collective global order.  Perhaps the greatest negative influence of Aquarius is this shift toward more impersonal human relationships to make room for a more collective global vision, which is only magnified by our dependence upon technology, (i.e., the internet and social media.)

However, the Universe always strives for balance. Thus every Astrological Age is balanced by its opposing astrological sign midway through it’s procession. The religious fervor, faith, and sacrifice of the Age of Pisces was balanced by the overly rational and scientific influences of Virgo which lead us out of the dark Middle Ages. Thus the overly impersonal and technological aspects of Aquarius will eventually be balanced by the roaring charismatic passion and deeply personal energies of Leo the lion. 

If we choose to adopt these deeply personal Leo influences now alongside of these increasingly impersonal Aquarian energies, we shall go a long way toward consciously balancing these influences and thus building a better world for ourselves and our children’s children.

On a side note, President Donald Trump is a Gemini, with Leo Rising. The rising sign represents someone’s outward appearance, the impression they make on others, and Leo rising people are known for being full of bluster, outspoken and proud, roaring at those who criticize them or who wound their egos. Mr. Trump may indeed prove to be a significant precursor of the Leo influence we desperately need to help balance this Aquarian transition.

As I take the next step in the next chapter of my spiritual journey, I am going to write from a balance of what is deeply personal and what is universally significant. I have no desire to return to the reblogging format of Deus Nexus. I have no desire to awaken the masses. The Awakening has become a political process now. In 2019, those who still sleep have chosen to remain asleep, and those who are half-awake are being herded into a political duality. So I write for myself and for those who have chosen the middle path, striving to better understanding the concept of Unity Consciousness and Ascension.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and was the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


  1. David
    so glad to see your words again
    our last conversation then immediately shut down
    remarked about celestial bodies (stellar cores)
    umbilical cords feeding off our sun
    more like a gas station…fill er up and check
    the oil please…sound familiar

    hope your doing well my friend
    feel free to email anytime




    1. Thank you Neighbor Dave,
      Yes, there is apparently a lot of activity in and around the sun these days. The CATS claim the sun is a giant portal, and that there are lots of ET observers coming through. Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional insight into this phenomenon. However, there is a lot of solar activity that the PTWs are trying to keep very quiet.



  2. Good morning David. Just wanted to say it is so very good to see you are back my friend! And to let you know I have waited with anticipation of your emergence again. You have been a great part of my own awakening process, and I really appreciate you and your time / work. I look forward to your continued process of becoming. You and your work, your perspective, are so needed right now! And I just want to say.., from my soul to yours.., THANK YOU.



    1. Thank you, Will.
      Your kind words really mean a lot to me, more than you know. It’s easy to feel discouraged, that I may be writing for the wind and the words are not planting any where. And when life gets so busy, with something always breaking down in need of repair or maintenance or an appointment, it’s easy to prioritize more mundane matters over writing. Yet I feel the calling again in my soul to write, even without all of the answers from the Universe that I have been seeking. Writing has always been an excellent way for me to seek them out. It is quite a different world out there from the one that I started blogged Deus Nexus. In many ways better, in some ways a step backwards. The world has become more deeply entangled in duality, and yet this may be the exact path needed to begin to break free from duality. As a theme I highlighted in my novels, duality needs to rise to the surface so that the world may become more conscious of it.



      1. Morning David. I understand what you feel. I am in complete agreement. By the way, I purchased both of your “Season of the Serpent” books, and bought for my sister as well. We both thoroughly enjoyed them. A lot of wisdom therein that some may miss I’m sure.We are looking forward to your next endeavors / books…, whatever they may entail. Here’s to sovereignty, freedom, becoming, and never giving up! Godspeed my friend!


      2. Yes, I remember that you had read them, and I’m so glad that you both enjoyed them. I would love to write more, I certainly have many more ideas, unfortunately I’m a very slow writer, I don’t have a lot of spare time these days, unlike when I wrote SOTS. They were self-published and they still haven’t fully paid for themselves, for the initial investment of copy editing, cover art, and hardcover publishing, let alone make any profit.


  3. Dear David,
    I am so glad you are back.
    The world needs more people like you.
    Thank you for being. I learned a lot from you.



    1. I am humbled by the support. Thank you. Unfortunately it’s all too easy to mistakingly believe that if you lack a big public forum, you are not really making a difference. Thank you for reminding me that is not the case.

      Liked by 1 person


  4. David, I used to read your previous blog and glad I’ve found this one. The Path is always travelled alone but it’s nice to have company on the walk.



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