Visibly Handicapped PTW Increases Opportunity for Spiritual Polarity

The cabal’s hands are tied, but their influence has not yet ended. There may be a spiritual purpose to this situation.

by David Nova

I have been reposting my old articles from Deus Nexus, revisiting some of the film analysis I’ve done in the recent past and noticed a distinct change in the social-engineered conditioning that’s occurred in just the last five years. A change of message from the PTW (the Powers That Were), if you will.

Five years ago, the world was still subconsciously being prepared for their end times agenda. Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic films were being pumped out of film studios at a frantic pace.

SnowpiercerEdge of TomorrowDivergentCaptain America: The Winter SoldierElysiumThe Hunger Games: Catching FireOblivionThe PurgeCloud AtlasThe Hunger GamesTotal Recall

However, the apocalypse fad has pretty much run out of steam, and we are getting hammered to death by super hero films, identity politics, and a major escalation in satanic programming. Why? What happened to all the apocalyptic programming?

Well, to put it bluntly, the apocalypse never materialized.

We never got that deadly flu pandemic the PTW warned us about, or any other major world epidemic, concocted in a secret bio lab. We never got a major escalation of any war in the Middle East. We never got a “Gog/Magog” war with Russia. We never got World War 3. We never got asteroids falling from the sky. We never got a zombie apocalypse. We never got the economic meltdown and 2nd Great Depression. We never got total societal collapse and anarchy, filled FEMA camps, all leading to Orwellian martial law.

I concede that something somewhat-apocalyptic may yet befall us, for those who like to keep their paranoia alive, but I personally believe we’ve crossed that Rubicon, we’re on a different timeline, we’re out of those woods. The apocalypse hasn’t been postponed, it’s been cancelled outright.

We already knew the global agenda of the darkest PTW. They advertised in on their Georgia Guidestones. It leaked all over the internet. They wanted to wipe out 90% of the human population. They wanted to enslave the remaining survivors to service their needs in their post-apocalyptic, super-high-tech NWO “Lucy-fairy-land” prison world, i.e. “The Hunger Games.”

But that never materialized. It was not allowed to happen, though there were plenty of close calls. There has been internet chatter, and rumors, and insider leaks, and channeled explanations, and ultimately, the PTW were not allowed to achieve their ultimate goal. Source would simply not allow it.

And to achieve their ultimate goal, they really needed depopulation. 7 billion “useless eaters” are simply too many people for them to adequately control in any meaningful way. They are radically outnumbered, and the PTW are ultimately quite cowardly.

Try has hard as they might, and they are persistent beavers, the PTW simply couldn’t get the apocalypse off the ground. The show would not go on. And now they are facing the backlash, a populist uprising, the awakening of the masses, cosmic ascension energies they are powerless to stop.

So where are they focusing their energies now?

Just watch the media and you can see their new agenda in their message. They are trying to convert as many people as they possibly can over to their cause before they are fully exposed. They are trying to go mainstream. They are hoping, in time, that they will be accepted and tolerated by the public just like any other “religion,” perhaps even defended by some radical elements of the sleeping public. It’s one of their only remaining paths, and frankly, they have large swaths of the sleeping public so brainwashed it’s not completely inconceivable.

This is quite apparent given the recent flood of outright satanic programming on television, particularly on Netflix.  The super hero films and the bastardization of classic science fiction franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who) are merely back door efforts toward this purpose. The flood of satanic, pedo, mind kontrol, and anti-Christian imagery has radically increased in both the music and fashion industries. Even the children’s charity UNICEF is promoting a creepy masquerade ball. All of this is working inline with a smokescreen agenda of tolerance, identity politics, and gender confusion, to produce socially engineered moral relativism.

That’s their agenda. So what is Spirit/Source’s agenda?

Spirit/Source will allow this because we are free-will entities on a free-will planet.

Source has basically told the PTW, We will not allow you to kill 90% of the population, nor will We let you take control of the planet, or disrupt the balance. However, if you can persuade some of the people to follow you into darkness of their own free will, We will not stand in your way. However, your playtime here is almost over. 

This situation is spiritually inline with the Law of One. We are here to learn of love and grow in wisdom on our return to Source. On that journey we must choose a path, or a polarization, or a vibration – either the Light Path [Service-to-Others], or the Dark Path [Service-to-Self]. The Light Path recognizes that love of self is also the love of all other-selves. The Dark Path believes that love of self mandates the subjugation of other-selves.

The path of greater polarization is ultimately two paths spiraling up from duality consciousness, towards the same goal of Unity consciousness. However, the Dark Path eventually evolves into a spiritual cul-de-sac and must confront the distortion of its beliefs before reentering Unity consciousness.

Though the Dark Path is destined to lose their hold over this world, they are given the remaining time to increase their fold of souls through free will – or rather incarnated entities at this time are given an opportunity to choose their own polarity, as there can be no appreciation of the Light without the Dark.

This is a double-edged sword for the PTW, because as they push their PR campaign, as they become more exposed, the world sees them as they truly are, and thus more people are awakened. More people will be forced to choose a polarization, and many more will choose the Light.

This process supports the evolution of all incarnated beings on Earth to choose a polarity and to progress/return to Source. Those souls who are unable to adequately choose a polarity shall return to another 3D life to repeat the lesson. This is the basis of the Law of One.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and was the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


  1. I like your way of thinking.
    Nice picture, too.
    On the other hand, the number of people at the crossroads is still very small …
    Fear-mongering is a cruel tool in this game.



    1. Do you mean a very small number of people who are conscious at the crossroads? To my thinking there are vast numbers of people who are sleepwalking near the crossroads, but a path is all about making a conscious choice.



  2. I mean there is a very small number of people who are conscious at the crossroads, aware they have a conscious choice.



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