True Happiness


by David Nova

If you take a hard look at our world, beneath the superficial, candy-coated, Facebook-posting, pretense of everyday life, true happiness often seems elusive.

Our world is not a very happy place. Most human beings on planet Earth are restless, bored, hungry, unsatisfied, suffering, lonely, heartbroken, traumatized, in psychological pain, and longing for something better. We often seek pleasure, distraction, validation, achievement, and entertainment to fill the void of true happiness.

Even people who generally perceive themselves to be quite happy and content are often only conditionally happy. Under the right conditions most people can feel happy, however once their external happiness conditions are stripped away their internal happiness often disappears as well. All of their repressed emotions rise to the surface, and they must confront the awareness that their prior happiness was only an illusion, dependent upon some external condition. This becomes a wonderful opportunity for higher consciousness to reevaluate one’s life and to make a personal transformation.

We often refer to a very intense period when our external happiness conditions are stripped away as “The Dark Night of the Soul.” The global quarantine of COVID-19 and the resulting economic destruction has stripped away many of our external distractions and external happiness conditions. Our world may well be entering into a collective “Dark Night of the Soul,” forcing us to make a collective transformation.

This is not a topic that is openly discussed because most human beings do not wish to be perceived as unhappy. There’s a social stigma attached to being unhappy. Particularly in western cultures where the pursuit of happiness is perceived to be an inalienable right. And so there appears to be a state of collective deception when it comes to our state of happiness. Just like the stock market, we have to keep this giant bubble inflated or else it comes crashing down around us.

A good friend of mine passed away suddenly several months ago (before COVID-19) Everyone knew him to be a very positive, outgoing, successful, social, charitable person who “followed his bliss” who “was living his best life” as they now say. However, I found out quite a bit more about his personal life than I ever imaged. Dead men have no secrets. His pursuit of happiness was a bit of a personal ponzi scheme. He was not really the person everyone perceived him to be. His happy life was a facade, a mask, that required a great deal of personal debt and a secret drug habit. And I suspect that he was simply fooling himself along with everyone else.

Since I have dealt with low level depression for most of my life since adolescence, I accept that I will probably not be happy every single minute of every single day. So I try to make the best of every situation. Yet I am always amazed that some people are absolutely terrified, petrified of being unhappy, even for a minute. I’m amazed at the lengths they will go to hide their unhappiness from themselves and from others until they can no longer hide from it. They are frantically running from their own subconsciousness, just as our human world has been frantically running from its collective subconsciousness for a very long time, afraid of exposure.

We seem to be at the point when all of that is about to suddenly change, when we can no longer run and hide from our internal unhappiness. When we must choose to change course, transform ourselves, and discover true happiness which is everlasting, which has no conditions or limitations, which can never be stripped away.

Will we survive the challenge?

What is true happiness?



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  1. Heel mooi , bedankt voor een herkenning in het woord en taal vanuit de zelfde verbonden geest die dan kennelijk een is en universeel. kijk uit naar weer. groet Anna

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Dank u.

      Rough Google Translation:
      “Very nice, thank you for recognizing in the word and language from the same connected mind that then appears to be one and universal. Look forward to seeing again. Regards, Anna”



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