Happiness and the Universe


by David Nova

Believe it or not, the Universe wants us to be happy. The Universe wants us to have true happiness. And there’s the rub (to quote Hamlet). The Universe wants us to have true happiness, not false happiness, not illusory happiness. Yet the Universe is quite patient, allowing us to deceive ourselves as we take our time to rediscover what true happiness is. 

So it is somewhat ironic that our pursuit of happiness can lead to quite a bit of misery. The key word is “pursuit.” It announces to the Universe our deeply held belief that we are missing happiness and that we must struggle to find it again.

In Buddhist terms, it is our pursuit of earthly desires and expectations that cause us misery. When we don’t succeed in getting what we want, what we expect will make us happy, we become unhappy.  Aside from the basic necessities of biological living, it is our beliefs about happiness that makes us unhappy. 

There was a time long ago when I thought “the Universe wants me to suffer. The Universe wants to make a fool of of me, watch me stumble and fall, maybe even laugh at me.” Deep down, I didn’t really believe that, but it kind of felt good to believe it, to blame the Universe for my misery, like a child who yells at his parents, saying he hates them because they didn’t buy him that toy.  

Making excuses feels good. It takes the responsibility for our own happiness out of our hands. But it’s not quite that simple. The Universe is so much more than our parent, and we are so much more children. It’s a faulty, yet very human analogy, because children never learn to take responsibility for their own choices until they learn to grown up.

Our body automatically grows up. That doesn’t mean that our heart and mind grows up. We don’t have full control over our body (every blood vessel and organ), but we do have a great deal of personal control over our heart and mind. Yet a child believes they have no control over their emotions, they have no control over their own thoughts, that their heart and mind are slaves to external forces, small boats being tossed around by a violent sea. How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t help how I feel.”

And that is the lesson here on 3D Earth. Your material body doesn’t really matter. It’s on auto-pilot. It’s all about the choice of your heart and mind.

The truth is that happiness is a choice.

The truth is that love is a choice.

The truth is that our life is a choice.

So the Universe wants us to have true happiness, yet the Universe will allow us to dwell in our pursuit of illusory happiness. When our illusory happiness fails us, is that God’s fault?  

A representative from the Universe could have warned us we were doing it all wrong, and they could have told us we were about to take a fall, but would we have listened to them? Would we have heeded their advice? Isn’t that advice already all around us, yet we never bother to listen because it’s kind of a buzz kill to all the fun we’re having in this illusory material world, and we’re going to do exactly what we want anyway? At least until we’re no longer happy. Yet the choice was always ours to make.

So we’re still playing these faulty human-analogy role games, with ourselves as rebellious adolescents who still haven’t learned how to grow up, and the Universe as our over-protective, conservative, kill-joy parent telling us what not to do.

Does the darkness take advantage of this distorted perception?



  1. Oh man! The darkness surely does take full advantage! But the True and Living Light of Source/Creator will prevail. Thank you David. Nice to hear from you again. 😊

    Liked by 1 person


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