The Mind Creates


by David Nova

Our Universe is perpetually seeking a balance between Being and Doing.

Before the creation of the Manifest Universe, the fully potentiated, fully populated Heavenly Realm existed in a state of “timeless interconnectedness.” In a state of eternal perfection there is nothing that needs to be done, and yet infinite consciousness felt an intrinsic yearning for something. You might call it a yearning for purpose, a yearning for experience, a yearning for something to do, and so the Heavenly Realm set out to create the Manifest Universe, simply because we could.

Does this impuse mirror our own human need to do, to create, to explore, to evolve? 

“As Above, So Below.”

Just as we humans are preoccupied with creating video games, computer games, and virtual reality, infinite consciousness was equally preoccupied with creating an entire Universe to play within, to find self-expression within, to explore their own state of being. As sparks of God Source, something within our spiritual DNA yearns to create.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“You speak words.  I speak of being.  Your words are a limitation, a definition for something separate and apart from you.  There is no separation. We are one and the same.  While we may appear to be separate entities, we are not.  I am as much you as you are me.”

“I’m sorry.  I don’t think I understand,” Paul admitted honestly.

“That’s all right. You will if you allow yourself to feel instead of think.  You will find such answers within you.  If you look to the illusion, to the external for your answers, you will only find more illusion.  The mind, refusing to be enclosed, creates for itself more and more worlds to explore, more and more puzzles to solve.  This is the divine paradox.  Infinity is a creation of the mind looking for limits, but God is consciousness seeking itself. You do not find God when you are looking for God.  You find God when you realize that God is already here looking for you within your own heart and mind.”

I’m intrigued by the words above. As physical beings in a physical universe, we struggle and yet fail to understand how the Universe can be infinite in size and scope. Yet if we understand that the physical is ultimately an illusion, suddenly it’s possible to understand an infinite universe. The mind creates. It doesn’t stop creating. An infinite mind creates an infinite Universe. Just when the mind thinks that it has found a boundary or a limit, the mind naturally rebels against the concept. The mind is forced to create a world beyond the perceived boundary. The more we question, the more we inquire, the more we search and explore, the further we push the borders of our perceived notions of the universe outward to infinity.

This has been true of our notion that the Earth is flat. This has been true of our notion that the subatomic world is solid and finite. And this shall be true of our notion that we are the only intelligent lifeforms in the Universe.

Eons ago, when we were innocent children of God Source, when we were very young, inexperienced, naive, and yet all-powerful creator beings, we awoke from a dreamy state of eternity and we created the Manifest Universe in which to play. 

We did not yet know Good and Evil. We did not yet know death. Death had not yet been invented. And so we set out to create, and in the process we created Death. 

Take a second look at the image above. Both the man and his shadow are creating.

Understanding Our Divine Relationship

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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