The Fall of the Creator Gods


by David Nova

In the original Divine Plan the original forces of Order and Chaos were meant to work in balance, hand-in-hand. As aspects of Source, we can draw upon our own internal creative process as an example. When we create someting we create a first draft or a chalk outline.

On the first pass it seldom matches the perfect image we have in our imagination, so we erase parts of it, rework it, rebuild it, reimagine it, and fine tune it until we are content with our creation. This is the creative process of Order and Chaos working together, hand-in-hand, to create something and improve upon it. Chaos imagines. Order builds, Chaos tests and deconstructs, then Order rebuilds.

Creation of the manifest material universe did not begin in the material universe. The dense material universe was first created as a blueprint in the higher densities. Every physical form first begins as a thought form. The process of creation expanded from divine conception, to angelic idea, to celestial form, to physical form, just as the process works in stages in human creativity. No physical piece of art is formed spontaneously. Creation is difficult but joyous work, the divine work of the cosmos.

Even the human body began as a divine concept. It was then fine-tuned in the higher density realms as an etheric body before it was fashioned (and subsequently altered) in physical form.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

These two new magnificent Beings were then given permission to create the material and etheric realms.  Unfortunately, when they descended into their new creation they began to forget who they were, and thus they lost their way.  They began to wage war. 

One of the best human examples to use as an analogy for the creation and the fall of the manifest material universe is the concept of virtual reality.

We immensely creative human beings are currently in the process of creating an alternative universe in which to inhabit. Right now our alternative universe is still in its infancy. We have created very immersive and addictive video games, We’ve created city builders and life simulators on a computer monitor. And now we are just beginning to create virtual reality worlds with greater sensory input. While it’s still quite primitive, it’s only a matter of time and technology before we are capable of plugging our minds into or placing our consciousness within a truly virtual world. The thought of this is both wondrous and terrifying.

We are firmly on the path to building our own human or AI controlled version of “The Matrix,” as illustrated by the science fiction films created by the Wachowskis.

In this collective project, our human creativity is quite amoral, meaning without any moral guidance. Recall that the very earliest examples of video games, like Pong and PacMan, were quite innocent. As the video game industry developed there was an explosion of artistic creativity and the potential for positive educational applications. However, over the last few decades, while there are still examples of positive artistic expression, the video game industry has predominantly evolved in a very dark direction, with an overemphasis on virtual killing, brutally, war, horror, terror, and torture. So to believe that this collective human project to someday create a better alternative world for ourselves within true virtual reality is naive at best, and maliciously deluded at worst. And there are hidden motives that are the driving force behind this dark evolution.

What we are witnessing with our human drive to create our own dark mirror of virtual reality is an excellent analogy of what has been termed the “Luciferian Rebellion,” when the manifest universe fell from divine natural order into darkness.

image source:, non-copyrighted images.


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