The Luciferian Rebellion


by David Nova

My understanding is that the Luciferian Rebellion was not a singular historical event, nor did it revolve around a singular, historical cosmic figurehead. Our mythology tends to reduce our understanding of a particular historical event or period into as simple a story as possible. Thus the narrative takes on an allegorical form.

We fictionalize it for the sake of mass-consumption, just as modern films based upon real events tend to simplify and fictionalize their narrative structure for maximum entertainment value. The plot line and character development is often forced into Hollywood’s externalized template of the Hero’s Journey structure. Hollywood executives love a proven, money-making, cookie-cutter formula. So does our human mythology. Storytelling is storytelling. The more salacious details added the better, and most of our ancient mythology is filled with salacious details. This was pure human story-telling around a campfire with a religious control message.

It is not my place to say if the original Lucifer figure was an actual being or simply a composite character. The truth is today Lucifer and Satan are composite characters. They stand-in for a vast multi-dimensional universe of negative entities.

The Luciferian Rebellion was and is a galactic era, representing the fall of the manifest universe into darkness. This rebellion against Source Creator is ongoing, yet it is coming to an end.

Long ago, in a universe not so far away, the eternal beings that we once were, and still are, entered their own creation, their virtual reality, the manifest universe, in which to play, to explore the concept of individuality, to explore self-expression and self-understanding.

We were creator gods playing in the ultimate video game. We began to cloth ourselves in form, as avatars with alternate identities. We created galaxies and solar systems, stars and planets. But it wasn’t enough to simply sit back and observe our creation. We wanted to take a further step into our creation. We wanted to experience existence inside our creation, so we created the ancient races, the physical and multi-dimensional beings. We were hungry for experience. We wanted to play new games, learn new things, explore every imaginable possibility in an infinite universe.

We stepped down into the manifest universe with full knowledge of our own eternal nature and our unlimited creative power. We created more planets, more lifeforms, and more civilizations. And still we were hungry for more experience.

Our creation became an addiction for some of us. Our experience within the manifest universe became so enticing, the concept of individualized identity became so compelling, that some eternal beings never wanted to leave.

They were like human adolescents playing video games for hours without sleep, without nourishment, without seeing the sun for days. They were beginning to lose themselves and their true divine identity within the virtual reality show of the manifest universe. The enjoyment of playing god within the cosmic sand box was overwhelming.

Can you guess what happened next? They refused to leave. They refused to come back to their true identity with Source Creator. They wanted to dive deeper into this virtual reality. They desired more experience. They wanted to explore a level of existence without full knowledge of their eternal nature or unlimited creative power. They wanted to explore the experience of individualized identity apart from Source Creator. They wanted to play god on their own terms. And so they created an isolated, artificial form of intelligence to inhabit within the lower levels of the manifest universe, which we know as the ego.

Their experiment within this cosmic virtual reality game began to take a darker path. Soon they were experimenting, creating less advanced civilizations. They manipulated these civilizations for their own amusement and edification. They started to experiment with callus cruelty to better understand what they had created.

As they dove deeper into the manifest universe they started to forget their connection to Source Creator all together. They started to identify completely as individual god beings within their creation. They began to compete with one another, wage war upon one another, and enslave one another.

Given this situation, is it perhaps easier to understand why Source Creator holds unconditional love for all of His/Her eternal children? No matter how depraved their actions are within the dark mirror of the fallen manifest universe, they’ve simply forgotten who and what they are. They’ve become addicted to, and enmeshed within a virtual reality game. And so a rescue operation was initiated.

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