The Angelic Reunification


By David Nova

By way of religion, mythology, and literature, most people know the premise of the Luciferian Rebellion. However, few people seem to know the second half of the story. In order to fully grasp the state of our world and the Universe at large, it’s important to understand the full story.

Although I’m engaging in story-telling, in essence creating a revised mythology, I’m attempting to paint a more accurate understanding of our cosmic history from a balanced, universal perspective. Any human perspective will suffer from some distortion, yet we continue to reach for clearer sight.

Many individuals don’t comprehend why positive forces (God, his angels, higher density beings, or advanced extraterrestrial civilizations) do not, or will not, directly intervene in the affairs of the Universe to end the Luciferian Rebellion and this reign of darkness once and for all. My understanding is that long, long ago, they attempted to do just that, and the mission was a complete disaster. 

Through failure, a greater divine wisdom was revealed. Failure has always been an excellent instructor for every being in our Universe. It is a wise being who accepts failure as a teacher. Without the possibility of failure we can not truly know the experience of success. The history, the lessons, and the experience of the Universe would have been quite brief if the Angelic Reunification had succeeded. 

For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to refer to all the eternal beings involved in this cosmic drama as angelics, rather than angels, as an angel is a unique being with a unique station. In the the cosmic crisis known as the Luciferian Rebellion, there were ultimately two waves of fallen angelics.  

When the first wave of angelics refused to return to God Source, becoming enmeshed within the virtual reality of the manifest universe, there was great concern from their eternal brothers and sisters. And while these eternal beings were all-knowing, all-powerful creators, they were still relatively young and naive, without the accumulated wisdom that comes from lifetimes of experience. They were idealists. The outpouring of love and compassion they felt for their lost siblings overwhelmed their judgment. And so they launched a rescue mission. A second wave of angelics stepped down into the manifest universe to persuade their lost brothers and sisters to return home to God Source.

They entered the manifest universe with unconditional love and enthusiastic  determination, yet their passion to rescue their fallen brethren was met with suspicion and distrust.  The angelics were dealing with an addiction scenario. Most of the fallen, addicted angelics refused to be persuaded to return. In fact, they perceived this rescue mission as a violation of their newfound independent, creator-god status. They resisted. They fought back. They dove deeper into the manifest universe. The more the fallen angelics resisted, the harder the rescuing angelics worked to get them to return, the deeper the fallen angelics fought their reunification attempts, spiraling into a vicious cycle.

Enthusiasm, determination, passion, and a deep concern for your addicted brother or sister sometimes produces an unintentional and detrimental result, pushing them further away. You discover that you can not easily change the mind of a being who refuses to change. They will strenuously reassert their freedom as a being with divine freewill. For the addicted angelic in denial, enthusiasm, determination, passion, and deep concern can be misinterpreted as self-righteousness, restriction, crusading, and judgment. 

Nevertheless, the rescuing angelics refused to give up. Their overwhelming love for their sibling’s welfare clouded their judgment and propelled them to greater extremes. And so the second wave of angelics decided to remain within the manifest universe, to continue to pursue and persuade their lost family members to return home.

Unfortunately, many of the rescuing angelics lost sight of their ultimate purpose. They too became emmeshed within the illusion. Their passion to rescue their brothers and sisters from addiction evolved into a galactic crusade. As the first wave of fallen angelics rebelled against them, falling into denser levels of the manifest universe, into even darker activities, the second wave of angelics began to experience a new concept of moral condemnation against their siblings. In their passion to succeed, their reunification campaign tragically evolved into a civil war. 

Thus a second wave of angelics lost some of their high vibration. A second wave of angelics fell. Many fell into a trap of duality, and as a result, the manifest universe around them eventually fell in vibration as well. 

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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