The Cosmic Game


By David Nova

The cosmos is a singular organism made up of consciousness and conscious energy. This singular organism is basically made up of many parts, who either perceive themselves as a part of the whole or as separate from it. When the various consciousness parts work together in harmony, the cosmic organism is in unity, but when this divine order breaks down, when competing factions form, when duality enters consciousness, there is conflict within the organism. 

However, as the cosmos is a singular organism, any internal conflict is ultimately a distortion of consciousness based upon the illusion of separation. It’s ultimately not real. It’s a dream, often a traumatic dream that effect the conscious energy of the singular organism.

If we make up the body of the cosmic organism then perhaps Source Creator is it’s mind  – a very crude analogy.

For Source Creator, there is nothing that is incorrect. No situtation is better or worse, good or bad. Nothing is rejected or condemned. Everything is accepted as an opportunity for creation, for consciousness, for experience, for greater wisdom. Source creator is expansive and accepting rather than restrictive and judgmental (attributes that instead apply to various fallen angelics and false gods).

Yet when this singular cosmic organism is in unity there is little in the way of diversity, very few surprises, little randomness, no perception of singular individuality, and no experience of freewill other than the expression of divine will. In other words, the experience of manifest creation can be a bit stagnate and predictable.

Imagine playing a computer game by yourself that you yourself created. You know exactly what to expect. There would be few moments that would surprise you, that would create a strong emotional response. There would be few experiences of discovery and adventure.

Now imagine playing an online computer game that someone else created, populated by players from all over the world, players that you’ve never met. There would be endless opportunities for surprise, various unexpected emotions, many experiences of discovery and adventure.

This is the great experiment that Source Creator allowed, understood, and accepted when the angelics fell from heaven into civil war, when duality infected the manifest universe with conflict and division. It is an experiment beyond our human comprehension, but ultimately it made our human experience in 3D possible – the love, the hate, warts and all. 

While we may dislike the notion of being a bit player in a cosmic game, ultimately it’s an addictive game that we’ve all decided to play, a game we wanted to be a part of, to have the chance to experience new things about ourselves. 

I don’t mean to suggest that Unity is boring, but there’s something deep within the fire of our divine spark that craves experience. Equally, there’s a deep, divine longing to return home. We are spiritual beings surfing these great cosmic tides, being washed ashore one lifetime, being pulled back to sea the next.

There is a greater purpose to the fall of angels, a greater purpose to division and duality, a greater purpose to the cosmic game to which we sometimes experience the distorted feeling that we’re helpless pawns. There is a greater purpose to that experience, a greater purpose to playing the roles of victim and victimizer. We are given this unique opportunity to transcend it, to return to Source Creator as grand, majestic cosmic beings in our own right, certain in the knowledge, that yes, we are absolutely worthy of the vast, unimaginable cosmic love that has always been bestowed upon us. 

We are the ones who have stumbled and fallen. We are the ones who decide to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and return home.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“But how can good and evil be illusions?” Paul replied passionately.  “Are you not good?”

“To The Source, everything is loved, therefore good and evil are illusions, just as Order and Chaos are illusions.”

Paul was puzzled.“Then why have any evil at all?” he asked.

“If you had no fear, you would have no evil,” the other replied.“If you had no ego, nothing would be perceived as being good or bad. All would be perceived as being necessary to learn. You would realize that there is no death, therefore nothing is ever lost.

“This is the mystery you relearn again and again, trying to understand your true nature.  How can you experience healing if there is no sickness?   How can you experience compassion if there is no cruelty?  How can you experience reunion if there is no separation?  You create this duality in order to define yourself.  Unfortunately, the evil you perceive has become necessary to awaken you.  Will you awaken from fear or surrender to it?  This is the question the Universe asks and the answer you seek.”

image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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