The Fallen Universe


By David Nova

When the angelics stepped down into the manifest universe they inevitably lost some of their direct experience with Source Creator, a “mystery clad being.” Their connection with Source Creator suddenly became less experiential and more conceptual in nature. Though a direct connection was still possible, as they stepped down the octave of densities, as they became entangled within and distracted by the manifest universe, that connection inevitably became weaker. This happened in stages, over the perception of very long periods of time.

Imagine being accustomed to Unity, being of one mind and one purpose together, in effect a member of a choir all singing the same song in the same key. Suddenly, the choir has been disbanded. You’ve embarked upon a solo career. There are no cues to follow, no conductor, no safety net, You’re suddenly a bit alone for the very first time. It’s exhilarating, yet a little disorienting. You have to learn to find your own inner voice and either compete or learn to cooperate with other-outer voices. 

Divine qualities such as unconditional love, acceptance, and trust are older than time. However with the creation of the manifest universe the experience of emotions was fairly new. Darker emotions were particularly new. Emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, and bitterness were completely unknown to the angelics. They had no point of reference for such emotions. They were only learned with the experience of separation from unity and Source Creator.  

The first wave of fallen angelics were in effect running away from Source Creator to become their own manifestation of creator gods. They were creating a great amount of chaos within the manifest universe, altering the original divine blueprint. They sought competition, both with Source Creator and among themselves.

The second wave of fallen angelics created their own mandate to bring the manifest universe back into the order of the original divine blueprint. They sought cooperation. As they began to lose their direct connection to God Source, they had to learn how to interpret, how to improvise, how to maintain a connection, how to rely upon themselves, how to work together, how to choose a temporary conductor, how to create a new order within the manifest universe that reflected the divine order.

The first duality that worked hand-in-hand in harmony and unity was broken. As the consciousness within the manifest universe transformed, duality became a force of separation, division, conflict, and war. 

With the creation and fall of the manifest universe, the experience of ego was new, the experience of fear was new.  

As you travel outward through the densities, as more chaos is required to create the illusion of imperfection and freedom of choice, the direct experience of Divine Order fades and a lesser order of false light fills the void to take its place. In the absense of Divine Light and Divine Order, fear sprang into existence. To survive this fear, ego sprang into existence. Thus a new duality of control was born.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“I suppose… I guess I assumed that the Lord of Order was God, and not a very good god at that,” Paul reflected.  “I think most people think of God as some kind of external parental authority.”

“It is a common mistake, one which time shall inevitably correct,” the Doppelgänger replied, reflecting upon the situation.  “You see the Lord of Order’s true form, the manifestation of your collective ego, just as the Lord of Chaos was the manifestation of your collective fear.  Every soul that descends into the lake cloths itself in a mind, a type of body, and an ego.  These are merely the garments that allow you to perceive yourselves as separate beings in an illusory world.  You are no more your ego than you are your mind or body.  They are fabrications.  You are so much more than that!  Unfortunately, your world has embraced such illusions as reality.  You are obsessed with Order and distracted by Chaos.  You fail to see what you truly are.”

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  1. Well, the question is, Why do we fail to see what we truly are? …
    It’s not just a matter of the garments, is it?



    1. I believe there may be several aspects for why we fail to see what we truly are. It has a lot to do with our belief systems, thought patterns, and how we self identity. There may be an emotional component, an element of victim consciousness that clouds us. Fear and our past experiences sometimes have a huge impact upon our present moment and belief systems. But overall, I think ego and fear are the biggest factors. Our ego (even when it’s inflated) actually makes us smaller than we really are. And fear keeps us in our limited comfort zone.



    2. It is an excellent & important question, and upon further thought, after listing some of the things that stand in the way of us seeing our true self, I felt inspired to list some of the things that aid us in seeing our true self. First, I think it requires us to expand our inner sense of imagination. Second, we need to open our hearts to Source Creator. Third, we need to experience a profound level of inner trust. And finally, especially in this 3D world, we need to take a big leap of faith.



      1. Thank you for your replies.
        I was thinking of the fact that human DNA had been tampered with by off-Earth civilisations,
        And our connection to source had been cut down;
        What you say is also true, but it doesn’t account for the “memory loss” of entire nations …


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