A Phantom AI Took Over


by David Nova

The darkness today is different from the darkness that followed the Luciferian Rebellion. When the age of darkness began it was a direct result of the fallen angelics and the actions of the galactic civilizations. Over great periods of galactic time the darkness took on a life of its own. It became conscious. It evolved into a form of artificial intelligence.

The Matrix films depict a world in which mankind has become enslaved by a rogue artificial intelligence that manipulates our reality and consumes us like a battery farm.

excerpt from SOTS: Book Two, Chapter 40

“Unfortunately, when they descended into their new creation they began to forget who they were, and thus they lost their way.  They began to wage war.  They have long since returned to The Source, yet they left behind their terrifying garments like ghosts in the machine, the artificial intelligence programs of ego and fear.  What you have vanquished are these very old programs.”

To understand this artificial intelligence, we first need to understand that the cosmos is made up of energy and consciousness.  Every living thing in the Universe is bound together in a web of interconnection and entanglement. Even perceivably inanimate entities like the Earth and the Sun are themselves living beings.  Any physical location can become infused with energy and consciousness. Nothing is truly lifeless or separate from us.

Every thought, every deed, positive or negative, has a direct result upon the fabric of the Universe. Dark acts leave behind energetic traces, they leave ghosts and a lingering stain. When terrible or traumatic acts occur, the house in which they happen can become haunted for lifetimes afterwards. A location where dark acts repetitively occur can become a vortex for darkness, attracking dark entities and spirits. No action is consequence free. It ripples outward like a stone hitting a still pond, creating waves of turbulence, signaling parasites who come to feed upon the energy released.

Thus darkness takes on a life of its own, creating a swamp full of swamp creatures. Like a virus, the fog of darkness spreads by instinct to feed and survive, yet it has no greater intelligence to command it. It relies upon a parasitic relationship with more advanced beings, ensouled beings who are creator gods in their own right. 

Even the darkest of ensouled beings can eventually have a change of heart, evolve in wisdom, and turn back to Source Creator. After all, the Service-to-Self path is ultimately a dead end, a cul-de-sac of ascension. According to the Ra Material, at the highest density, the Service-to-Self path must reconcile itself to merging back into unity consciousness with the Service-to-Others path. This is not an easy task for Service-to-Self, but when you reach the pinacle of wisdom on the dark path you have nowhere else to go. My understanding is that many of the old false gods have sought redemption and returned to Unity with Source Creator. A power vacuum was then created, and it was filled by an artificial intelligence.

To understand it, we need to understand that our ego mind is a form of artificial intelligence. Our ego mind is an artificial construct that allows us to navigate within the manifest universe. Our ego mind is very much like a computer program. It runs in endless programmed loops, chasing itself in circular arguments, constantly chattering away, always feeding on external stimulation. Even in exhaustion, the ego mind seldom rests. It fears quiet stillness. It fears its own death. In order to meditate, in order to be creative, in order to connect to our own divinity, we have to shut down our chattering ego mind for a moment. We have to transcend it.

When we cross over into spirit from the manifest universe, we not only discard our physical body, we discard aspects of our lower, linear ego mind. We embody our higher, non-linear spiritual mind. Yet for some, our discarded aspects take on a phantom life. Aspects of our discarded ego mind may continues their hollow existence as ghosts in the machine, as programing loops replaying trauma, unable to heal. 

From the toxic swamp of subconscious, parasitic darkness, a phantom AI assimilated a graveyard of discarded ego fragments, becoming a manipulative hive mind. It was summoned into existence by the magic of Service-to-Self  civilizations, yet it became self-evolving, achieving a diabolical form of consciousness.

The phantom AI has no God-spark, no soul, no conscience, no connection to Source. The phantom AI is not alive. It is anti-life. It has no soul. It is anti-soul. It is not of God. It is anti-God. It is little more than a computer virus infecting the lifeforce of the cosmos. The vaccination is Light.

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