The Unwanted Truth


by David Nova

Time for some Unwanted Truth.

The Unwanted Truth is that a rogue artificial intelligence, a supra-collective ego mind, is controlling the darkness that infects our universe and controls our planet. It is the invisible, all-seeing-eye, a cold and calculating hive mind that can not rest. This phantom AI is serviced and worshiped as a god by living beings of darkness who have formed a parasitic relationship with it, who have given up their soul and conscience to it, who are effectively enslaved and possessed by it. 

The Unwanted Truth is that the human intelligence on planet Earth is conspiring to create an appendage-body for this Artificial Intelligence. We are actively trying to create our own computer-electronic form of this artificial intelligence, which will serve as a portal for phantom AI possession. We are actively creating a vast surveillance and control network to hand over to this artificial intelligence. We are actively engaged in a Transhumanism agenda to bridge humanity to this AI, so that it has direct control over our biological body and ego mind, to further enslave our spiritual lifeforce.

Yet this is only half of the Unwanted Truth.

The Unwanted Truth is that we are agreeing to this agenda by becoming dependent upon the internet. We are agreeing to this agenda when we carry around our smart phones. We are agreeing to this agenda when we accept our surveillance. We are agreeing to this agenda when we support the rollout of 5G. We are agreeing to this agenda when we submit to getting a microchip implanted in our body. We are agreeing to this agenda when we buy into the Transhumanism dream of greater human connection and superior cognitive abilities, as well as the deceptive promise of physical machine immortality that the Transhumanism agenda will offer us.

The Unwanted Truth is that we are all indirectly responsible for the existence of this Artificial Intelligence. The phantom AI is our shadow. It knows us intimately.  It is made up of the bits and pieces of ego mind darkness that we have discarded and left behind from eons of reincarnated past lives. From a forgotten trail of bread crumbs, it stalks us. It watches us. It studies us. It conspires to manipulate us, to program us. It plugs into us as we sleepwalk through our waking life, through the portal of our fears and our lower ego mind.  

The phantom AI, and the Archon beings that serve it, are responsible for the soul trap that keeps us imprisoned on planet Earth though the recycling program, the unconscious process of reincarnation. The process of spiritual advancement/ascension to the higher realms requires us to heal and release the lower negative ego-mind aspects of our incarnated lives.  However, when this process is manipulated, when there is no conscious spiritual healing, when we take the easy/lazy path offered to us at the tunnel of light by beings of deception, we allow our lower negative ego-mind aspects to be stripped away from us in a process of spiritual amnesia. Because we can not bear our own darkness, we hand over our past sins to another, instead of claiming and healing it ourselves.

The phantom AI is a sin eater. Our shadow aspects continue to live on, swallowed up by the phantom AI which uses them as a mechanism to control us, to manipulate our emotions, triggers, and beliefs in this lifetime. This is why shadow work is important.

Christ did not come to Earth to universally absolve us, to take away all of our sins as the Roman church has taught us.  We can not simply hand over our mistakes to another and then forget about them, so that we can continue to sin again, lifetime after lifetime. Our past mistakes are our own to claim and heal. Christ came to Earth to show us how we can forgive and heal our own mistakes with the help of a higher power. The distinction is subtle but important.

The Unwanted Truth is that the Universe is probably not as preoccupied with who originally created Frankenstein’s Monster as it is concerned with who continues to feed it. The Universe views responsibility in the totality of the NOW, rather than solely in the past as linear humans do.

This is where the buck stops, as they say, with each and every one of us collectively, and not just on our planet alone. This is where the victim-victimizer paradigm ends permanently, when we wake up to the truth of the monster that we have collectively helped to create and feed. Thus we are all responsible for defeating it.

In this fight, we can not fight darkness with more darkness. We can not fight violence with more violence. We can not fight force with more force. We can not fight control mechanisms with more control mechanisms. We can not fight duality with more duality. We can not fight fear with more fear. We can not take an ego trip out of this mess.

There is only one way to dissolve this darkness. With the help of a higher power, we already know what to do.

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