A Human Response to the Unwanted Truth


by David Nova

The Unwanted Truth is unwanted for a very good reason. It is extremely difficult to believe, digest, understand, come to terms with, and ultimately accept. When an account of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the occult elite, over countless centuries, is included the scope of the Unwanted Truth becomes almost unbearable to the human mind.

Commonly, spiritually awakened writers/bloggers who dare to disseminate the Unwanted Truth ultimately do so from a perspective of spiritual higher ground. Frankly, this is completely necessary for such individuals to process and share this difficult information, myself included. Without the benefit of a dispassionate, objective, spiritually enlightened perspective of these truths, the road to this information can lead to a kind of madness. Fear of this deep water ultimately serves to keeps newbies away from the Unwanted Truth, and if they have no spiritual foundation to support this knowledge, it may prove psychologically disastrous.

I want to do something that few spiritually awakened writers/bloggers seldom ever do. I want to acknowledge the natural human response to the Unwanted Truth. I feel it is very important to acknowledge and share our emotional response to this information, rather than trying to sweep the emotions under the rug of enlightenment (which unfortunately can become a snare for the spiritual ego.) Our shared emotions connect us as human beings, and our heart connects us to God.

One of the biggest challenges for spiritually awakened writers/bloggers is that they are too often perceived as detached, disconnected, and unemotional, as if they are floating on some enlightened cloud above us. This is not always true. Many simply do not share their internal struggles. But to share our emotion makes us more human, and ultimately aids us on our return path to divinity. We need to acknowledge our own emotions yet not get swept away by them.

With that said, I’m now going to use some unspiritual language by dropping a few F-bombs where completely appropriate. So do not continue if you are easily offended by language. Do not continue if you do not wish to address your own spiritual doubt in the face of the Unwanted Truth.


image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.


  1. beautiful put in words and I totally agree with the way you are thinking and observing . love Anna . Thank you for your quality.



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