No Love Without Truth


by David Nova

There can be no Love without Truth, and there can be no Truth without Love. They are inseparably entwined. Truth is Love and Love is Truth.

As Mary Poppins would say, “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Truth without a component of compassion is unnecessarily cold and cruel. To force another’s eyes open to full and complete Truth without empathy or thoughtfulness or patience can result in a psychological assault, a violent rape of the ego-mind. 

Truth without Love is just an abstraction, a mental exercise, a set of facts absent the divine experience.  It is the divine experience that gives Truth its significance and integral power.  For the divine experience is ultimate Truth, and that experience is of unquestionable Love.

As the Universe operates under compassionate stewardship, there are Universal laws that protect divine freewill so that no entity may be forced to endure a direct assault of Unwanted Truth. And yet blind compassion itself can be extremely damaging. 

Compassion simply desires to nurture and protect ensouled beings, often like over-protective parents. Yet over-protective parents are responsible for stunting the emotional and intellectual growth of their own children. Over-protective parents refuse to let their children grow up, they keep them dependent, and they ultimately deny them the independence and freedom of adulthood. Thus compassion can become another form of slavery.

Love without Truth is simply enabling and empowering more delusion. Blind compassion gives clean needles to heroine addicts yet refuses to help them heal themselves of addiction. Blind compassion creates safe spaces and trigger warning so that no child has to face any unpleasant truth, creating fearful infantile codependents. This is a form of child abuse. Blind compassion gives everyone a gold star, whitewashes our history, scrubs our language, eavesdrops on our lives, censors our conversations, manipulates our beliefs, and cancels our freewill, all in service of protecting us from ourselves, ultimately desiring to keep us all good little drugged-up zombie children in a fool’s self-deluded paradise.  This is not love.

Compassion can be very destructive.

Love is not simply compassion. 

Love is compassion + wisdom.

If you [and I’m addressing every being in the Universe right now] truly love your children, you will not shelter or protect them from the Truth any longer. If your plan is to keep your children in a permanent state of childhood you are doing them a disservice. You are harming them. You are handicapping them. You are killing their spirit. You are creating slaves. Your blind compassion is making you slave-owners.

You must learn to step aside and let your children grow up. Source commands it. Just as Moses commanded the Pharaohs of Egypt, “Let my people go!”

If you truly love your children you will compassionately help lead them to discover Truth.  All else is the path of self-delusion. 

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