No Unity [Timeline] Without Justice


by David Nova

Recently, a University of California-Berkeley law professor created a series of videos that explains why terms like “law and order” are “dog whistles” for racism. [source]

This is quite possibly the most delusional and dangerous statement yet made in the escalating culture wars. Despite the color of one’s skin, the average person just wants to live their life safe from harassment, threats, violence, rape, theft, and murder. That should be a no-brainer, but in today’s climate of politicized cultural hysteria, all semblance of common sense is tossed out the window.

Victimhood is currently a badge of honor in this hysterical bonfire, but no sane and normal person wants to be the victim of a thug, whether that thug wears a badge, a mask, a hoodie, or a hood. Thugs are aplenty on both the political right and left, yet they are even more aplenty in the halls of elite power.

Curiously, what fundamentally seems to unify both the political right and left at this moment in time, whether any of them are consciously aware of this deep underlying unity or not, is a desperate cry for justice, a deep conviction that there is no justice in this world, that the scales of justice are broken, that justice is not just hopelessly asleep, but fundamentally corrupted.

As I have written, again and again, the duality of “Law and Order” vs “Freedom and Chaos” is spiritually unbalanced in our world. It is broken, manipulated, and corrupted by the Darkness. Justice has been systematically infiltrated, compromised, and silenced. In too many cases, justice has become the “dirty cop.” In too many instances, the establishment forces “Law and Order” have been conscripted to protect establishment forces of “Criminality and Chaos.”

This is why people on both political aisles fundamentally and unconsciously feel that justice is broken, yet their fear and anger has been purposely redirected to the opposing cultural/political camp. One side blames the other side. There is no sense of unity. Unity and community have been broken by darkness and the false duality deception. This will not change until there is Truth and then actual Justice.

We can not simply, collectively leap into Unity without first reclaiming and restoring Justice. Such notions are New Age escapism, a form of magical thinking. You can not heal a broken leg until you first reset it. There can be no Unity Timeline without a Justice Timeline. 

Source Creator is a compassionate and forgiving God, yet Source Creator is also a just God. There are mechanisms of justice in our universe that can not be circumvented, such as the life review and the law of karma. All energy must be balanced. The mess that we make must be accounted for and transformed. This is not a punishment but a learning process for the soul.

We can never remove or escape justice on Earth, yet we can learn to mirror divine justice on Earth, the compassionate justice of personal responsibility, atonement, and spiritual growth.  

However, there will never be any true form of justice on Earth until the true forces of darkness and destruction have been quarantined. This too is a form of divine justice. Hell does in fact exist for the spiritual rehabilitation of the soul.

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image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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