Standing on the Precipice


by David Nova

December 2020 – The world is standing on the edge of a precipice. We seem to be at that dramatic moment near the end of a movie when a hero successfully makes their move to save the day or fails to act, thus losing their world. 

On one side – forced vaccinations, DNA corruption, global financial reset, one world electronic currency, one world occult religion, world enslavement, human debasement, and the new world order.

On the other side – justice and disclosure, criminal arrests and the release of hidden technology, an economic boom, extra-terrestrial disclosure, a spiritual renaissance and a new golden age for humanity.

Why are we here? Why has it come down to this dangerous and dramatic precipice? Why have we allowed events to go this far? Why have we put off positive change for so long? Why do we love heart-pounding drama?

We’ve been approaching this precipice for too many years. Many are tired. Many have become cynical. Many have given up hope that things can change. And yet it always seems that human beings are forced into action at their darkest moment, at the point of no return, when they can no longer postpone change.

We are here by a collective choice, for a moment of collective choice. We are here to witness a transformation. We are here in this darkest of nights to understand what faith is, to understand what hope is, to understand what truth is, to understand the human spirit, and therefore the divine spirit behind it. 

We seem to be living in a movie, We’ve certainly been living in a dark theater.  Our world is illusion, one that we’ve embraced as real. So much of our self-image, our self-worth, and our self-identity is tied up in this illusion. But like all movies, this one seems to be coming to a conclusion, a last act, a denouement. 

Our movie was written and acted out in darkness. The plot was largely designed by the darkness, there’s no denying that, yet a plot-line that was ultimately hijacked from the light.

The darkness crafted an illusion so seductive, so deceptive, because it required our free will consent to play out. In the fiction-making business it is called “the willing suspension of disbelief.” We have to believe the movie is real to become emotionally and intellectually involved in it. We allow ourselves to go into a trance-like state to participate in the unfolding drama on the screen, to identify with the hero. 

Yet the concept of story and narrative is not something that was created by the darkness, but simply hijacked by the darkness. The darkness desired to rewrite the human story for its/their own desired outcome. 

Story and narrative are essential aspects of the human condition lived within the expression of a third density linear timeline. Story and narrative are a direct result of our spiritual journey expressed within linear time, and a universal example of this is “The Hero’s Journey.”

“The Hero’s journey is mankind’s oldest story. It is a story that transcends all cultures and ideologies. Symbolically, it is our own story as it is an allegory for the individual paths we must journey upon. It is constantly being retold and manifested within each of our own lives. It is the story of the soul; and its ultimate purpose is to remind us why we are here and what we must accomplish.” (source)

Hollywood writers have been appropriating the Hero’s Journey to retell countless heroic adventure tales of externalized victory over the forces of darkness. However, the real mythic purpose of the Hero’s Journey is portraying and understanding an internal spiritual transformation. 

The external illusory movie and our internal spiritual transformation are explicitly linked. The drama that plays out externally reflects, prods, and promotes our inner spiritual evolution. The external, illusory, duality conflict between good guys and bad guys seems to act as a catalyst for our internal spiritual development, our spiritual self-actualization and internal wholeness. 

When the process of justice and disclosure allows for an organic, participatory awakening of the masses from the illusory movie that has kept humanity enslaved and asleep it serves the higher objectives of spirit. This is what we have likely been witnessing. This is what has been playing out.

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image source:, non-copyrighted images.

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