Earth is Center Stage


by David Nova

January 17, 2021 – This will be the final chapter of this particular ebook.

We began this journey by asking: What is true happiness? Then we looked at the cosmic history that brought us to our unhappy state of affairs. We explored the duality trap and the causes of our spiritual suffering.  We arrived at the climactic moment in our collective, transformational Hero’s Journey.  

As spirits in the material world, we’ve been watching a movie played out in linear time, in a darkened theater, forgetting that we are the actors, we are the performers, we are the stars of this show. All of humanity is on a stage and the rest of the Universe is watching us closely. We were born within our very own Truman Show.  

The eyes of the Universe are upon Planet Earth (right now).  

So let us reconsider for a moment that ancient, discarded preconception that our Earth is the Center of the Universe (right now). This might change our entire perspective of our life on planet Earth.

Oh, I know. In days of old, our primitive, superstitious ancestors believed that Earth was the center of the cosmos, that the sun and planets revolved around us. That little delusional concept of spiritual exceptionalism, before Darwin told us that we are little more than evolved apes in a random, chaotic, uncaring universe.

We evolved our preconceptions, from considering ourselves inhabiting the most important real estate in the universe, to becoming little more than pond scum in a cosmic petri dish. Does that sound like progress?  Yet we needed to learn to transcend our material-centered 3D egos. 

The heroic ego of the Ram of War was sacrificed to the Age of the Fisherman.  Now the fish are being poured out of their murky fish bowl, into the air of new consciousness, learning how to breath. It is a leap of faith, the Divine ascension of consciousness. 

So perhaps the planets do revolve around the Earth, in an elegant dance of Astrology. Perhaps our sun serves Earth every day, as a handmaiden, with life-giving light. And perhaps Earth is surrounded by a galaxy of spectators who are watching and learning from our evolution, from our liberation, from our ascension.

Be proud to be here at this moment. Be empowered. Forgive our past missteps and misunderstandings. We are the braves souls who have chosen to be here.  We are the warriors and the heroes who stepped into the unknown, forgetting who we were, while our soul family watches and supports us from a safe distance.

Every being in the universe is watching us right now, this experiment, this grand show unfolding on planet Earth. Don’t think for a minute that they are watching us with scorn or pity, believing us to be lower beings. The Light cheers us and the Dark fears us.

We do not hold sole responsibility for the state of this Earth.  A great many civilizations helped to create this situation on planet Earth, this game we are  playing. Wars among the stars, millions of years ago, created this place. It was supposed to be a garden and a genetic library, yet it became a genetic slave ship. That’s their legacy. Our legacy is that we have continued to play out this drama lifetime after lifetime. 

Few soul in this universe are free from this shared responsibility. Some of them are now some of us, and some of us are now some of them. We all stand or fall together. We learn together. We ascend together. That is the way it was always meant to be. 

So remember, we are the stars. Sounds egotistical, doesn’t it? Has there been any earthly status or reward for awakening to this truth? We’ve been persecuted for remembering our true Divine heritage. This is not Earthly Ego, but a recognition of the unfathomable love that Source Creator has for each one of us. A love that we have forgotten, misplaced, or taken for granted, perhaps in the darkness of our self-pity, self-identifying with our perceived victimhood, or perhaps in guilt of the deeds we’ve done in the name of our perceived victimhood. Yet our victimhood is an illusion. 

Why are we here? Some of us are here to fight one final battle. That was the choice of their soul, to resolve old and unresolved burdens.  

This is a final opportunity for others to change their path. 

Yet we are all here to pass through the eye of the needle. This is the moment of our greatest personal and spiritual alchemy, to transform ourselves from lead to gold. We are here to bear witnesses for the Light. When you know this about your self, you awaken to a new life beyond this darkened theater. 

True happiness is knowing your true self and living in the Light.

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