Video – Saratoga Ocean

It’s time for a major, more empowered RESET on Ascension. Earlier in 2020 people were saying that all of the suppression and lockdowns on this planet were helpful in inspiring people to wake up. That may have been true at the beginning, but it is no longer true now. The level of planetary control and societal destruction has become far too negative to be helpful any longer. All it is doing now is generating extreme fear, anger, and division. This is not an optimal environment for ascension. Therefore, it is time for us to pivot in terms of our perspective, so we can stay on an empowered path of evolution, and move to a higher timeline accordingly. Rigid spiritual beliefs are not helpful in such a tumultuous environment. Advanced beings know how to ride the waves of ascension in a way that maintains flexibility, while still preserving the ultimate truth of love, light, and oneness. In this video, I show you how to do exactly that by shifting and upgrading your consciousness so you can stay on track in your ascension journey and continue moving to a higher timeline.

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