Theatre of the Absurd

by David Nova

I debated posting any of this, as it deals with what the CATS term “Black Ice.”  And yet I feel it is still important to try to make sense of our crazy world, even if that task seems almost impossible.

In all things, I’d much rather be given sober truth than happy spin. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” but happy spin is just another scoop of manufactured reality. If you are reading this, I’ll assume you share this sentiment.

So here is my two cents, my observations and opinions. Take from it what you will. Ignore it all if you like. You’ll have to read between the lines in several places. 

I need to put up an important disclaimer at the top of this. This world is not always black or white.  There are always shades of gray.  I’m not one of those individuals who sees dark conspiracies and agendas in every human interaction. If someone lets you down, if you feel betrayed, it’s not always a dark agenda. Most of the time it’s just plain human misunderstanding and human error.  Also, I’ve learned over the years that even multi-dimensional beings are subject to misunderstanding and error.  It’s not a perfect Universe. It’s a free-will Universe, at many different levels.  Nor am I one of those people who alway sees hope and happiness in every human situation. I try to focus on what is spiritually positive, but what is spiritually positive does not necessarily equate to human happiness.  We live is a free-will Universe, and sometimes it’s not very pleasant.  

So here’s my appraisal of the situation – this tiresome game continues.  We’re in overtime. I’m not a sports person, but the metaphor is quite appropriate.

We are living in the “Theatre of the Absurd.”

There are reports that the television show, The West Wing, is back in production. Everything is illusion, a show within a show within a show.  And not surprisingly, this new manufactured reality has produced a level of schizophrenic insanity that is quite surreal. I find I don’t even want to engage in it. And I find this elevated  schizophrenic insanity to be very dangerous to the future evolution of 3D humanity. 

If I were of a darker mindset I would certainly think this epic gaslighting is entirely intentional, to create mass disassociation of consciousness.  So-called White Hats need to wake up and realize they are playing with fire. But as I will expand below, this overtime is entirely driven by fear.

So the big question is why are we in overtime when this game should really be over by now? 

Let’s call it “Thunderdome.” (FYI – that film unpacks a lot of information that is not obvious with a superficial viewing.)  We’re all pretty sick and tired of Thunderdome.  Many of us have long been ready to move on to a better world without such games.  But Captain Walker isn’t coming to fly us away. We have to believe that we can do it for ourselves, that we can make such a world possible for ourselves, and in the process transform ourselves into the souls that can sustain and inhabit such a world.

A new world that is simply handed to us, we’re not mature enough to keep. But a world that we’ve co-created is spiritually sustainable. It’s the difference between the trust-fund baby who blows his entire inheritance in a year, and the hard worker who thoughtfully builds a successful business from scratch. That’s a very difficult spiritual lesson to grasp.

That’s all well-and-good for 4D Earth, but here on 3D Earth we are given little opportunity to actually evolve. Our personal, individual, and spiritual growth is being actively and fearfully suppressed by White Hats, Black Hats, and Gray Hats alike.

In hindsight, I have a few queries about the brilliance of a game-plan that was touted as unstoppable.  Obviously it was stoppable.  Using our sports analogy, why did our team decide to wait four long innings before launching their big tactical play in the very last few seconds of the game?  Seems a bit overconfident. A tad bit cocky.  And I’m not hearing a lot of humility about the lessons learned.  I’m hearing a lot of defensiveness and happy spin.  So obviously there are still a few hard lessons to be learned.

In a few recent videos, SimonP has shared a few observations that are quite telling. First, that the catch phrase, “Tru5tThePl@n” was driven by a military mindset. It’s patronizing and doesn’t speak well to civilians.  Second, the suggestion to enjoy the show with popcorn is arrogant and clueless. To a sane and balanced mind, there is nothing remotely enjoyable about any of this. Third, and this is entirely my observation and interpretation of what is being reported, continued delays seem to be born entirely out of fear.  A Fear of public perception and public response.

Time and time again, I find that I am pulled back to the inspired concept I wrote about years ago in my novels, the cosmic game between Order and Chaos. 

What consistently drives the conflict between Order and Chaos?  What extends this game into overtime? What always causes hesitation and derails plans?  It’s always fear.  Specifically the fear that stems from the perceived loss of control.  “If we do this, we’re going to lose control of the situation.  If we disclose that, we’re going to lose control of the situation.  We can’t predict how people will react.  What will people think?”

And isn’t this the greatest commonplace fear each of us face every single day? 

What will people think?

So no one wants to be THE ONE to pull the plug on THE MATRIX. No one has the balls to do it. Not the military, not the courts, not the politicians, no one in the media. The Black Hats are terrified of being exposed, and the White Hats are terrified of what lies on the other side of action. Fear of losing control. Fear of the Chaos that will be unleashed. Fear of the Order that may result. Fear of what ordinary people will think and how ordinary people will respond.

But ordinary people, who are sick and tired of living in Thunderdome, want the plug pulled!

This situation is infused with fear, and a shield of bravado will not overcome it.  What is required is self-knowledge, self-mastery, and the iron will of determination seated in a perfect trust in God.  A little less happy spin and a lot more faith put into action. Our lessons have always been about fear. Our enemy has always been our own fear.  Bravado has always been used to mask our own fear as we rush into battle. Thunderdome has always been a game about fear.  

There may yet be a resolution to this situation, and so I would like to suggest a personal course of action to every person reading this post. In your personal practice of meditation, prayer, or spiritual connection, find that divine authority that rests deep within you, overcome any fear or disbelief that you are in fact an all-powerful aspect of Source Creator, and inform the Universe that you are done with this game. You have no further use for it. You would like it to end.  Do this with peaceful confidence, without anxiety or fear.  Find a way to visualize it that is both emotionally powerful and specific to you. 

As this manufactured reality becomes even more “Theatre of the Absurd,” it’s important to anchor to the real spiritual reality that is within of each one of us.

Thank you.

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  1. I used to be optimistic about changes and the coming of a world we would love to live in.
    But I quickly discovered there is an enormous difference between what people SAY they want and what they DO to make it happen.
    I am a disillusioned person now. Oh, I have not lost faith. But most human animals, as J.J. Lash calls us, would rather stay inside their comfort zone than act. They would rather watch. And enjoy the new world, if and whenever it comes.
    I like this message, and we shall see if it is true:
    “On an ordinary day, the world will be turned upside down. …”

    Click to access the-elohim.pdf



    1. I’m right there with you. I don’t think the 3D Earth will ever be the world we want it to be. It’s a fallen density, never designed to be a paradise. You have to step up/incarnate into 4D to experience anything like paradise. I think 3D will continue to be a free-will, soul-recycling classroom. But then the question should be how much light is actually allowed to get in here. That’s been the battle, to alter the balance, so that it’s more classroom planet than prison planet (so that many more souls can graduate). And it’s tragic that you can probably judge that balance by looking at our actual elementary and high schools – are they more of a classroom or a prison for young minds?

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Oh, I forgot to add the popcorn up there … in the comfort zone …
        To the point, I fully agree with you.
        How do you learn a lesson? I think someone or something must push you out of your comfort zone. Hard.
        How many people would experience this? Not many, in percentage.
        I was lucky to get a good kick in the butt to start living.
        Many people want to live at the top but life happens during the climbing. Up there you get bored.
        Did you know Denmark has the highest number of suicides amongst the Nordic countries? Guess why. Nice life, yes.
        Schools? A brainwashing machine.
        Is the cycle endless? I hope not. Some say the ultimate creator (father-mother god) had not envisaged it, it just happened.
        My faith rests on the fact that there is balance in the universe. It will seek to restore it.


      2. I completely agree. “My faith rests on the fact that there is balance in the universe. It will seek to restore it.” And the endless cycle is entirely up to us. Small comfort, I know.

        I certainly like the message channeled by J.J. Lash. It seems very biblical to me, from the Book of Revelations, and I do hope that it happens. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Yet I am also a bit skeptical of what has been termed “The Event.” It doesn’t feel organic to me, and my experience is that the Universe prefers to unfold in a more organic way. By their nature, miracles are organic, not magical. Which I suppose means miracles rise from our metaphysical spiritual organism rather than from our mental desires. The Book of Revelations always felt off to me. Why would God leave us in the dark for thousands of years, then one ordinary day, come into the room and suddenly switch on the light. Could it be that this is metaphor for an unfolding process rather than a sudden, single Event? I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

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