The Divine Imperative for Intervention

by David Nova

A logical, indisputable thesis laid out for the imperative of Divine Intervention. Putting this energetically out into the Universe for collective conscious manifestation.


At the bottom of the rabbit hole is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the AI agenda.


The end goal of the AI agenda is the artificial curtailment and elimination of free will in all mind-body-soul beings.


All mind-body-soul beings are aspects of Source and are spiritually bestowed with free will. This is a free will Universe.


The artificial curtailment and elimination of free will in mind-body-soul beings would make the spiritual necessity and purpose of the lower densities, particularly 3D, pointless. 3D would become a spiritually dead density.


The artificial curtailment and elimination of free will in mind-body-soul beings would violate the Prime Directive of Source Creator. Re: Assertion #3: This is a free will Universe. Free will is necessary to the process of spiritual awakening and evolution.


Source Creator would be prevailed upon to intervene to protect the spiritual Prime Directive of a free will Universe and reassert the spiritual birthright of all mind-body-soul beings to exercise divine free will, even in the absence of their temporal use of free will.


The human concept of winning and losing is a spiritual fallacy within the context of the 3D duality illusion, Matrix, or Maya. All beings are aspects of The One, Source Creator, therefore there is no winning or losing. There are no winners or losers. There is only the illusory dream of winning or losing.


For mind-body-soul beings to awaken from the illusion into their spiritual truth they need to exercise their free will. However, the initial spiritual exercise of free will usually always requires some form of catalyst. For those who have hardened their hearts within the illusion the catalyst almost always requires a perceived experience of pain or loss.


Those mind-body-soul beings who have chosen the dark path, who have hardened their hearts within the material illusion, will never choose to awaken from their illusion of darkness and begin the long process of returning to their spiritual truth within Source Creator without some form of catalyst.


According to the Law of One, the Service-to-Self, or dark path, is a dead end road. To evolve further spiritually, all soul complexes on the dark path must reconcile the spiritual error of the reality they have created for themselves, the dark hole they have dug for themselves. They are immune to pain. Only by their perceived collective experience of loss will they begin to recognize their spiritual error.


The Service-to-Self or dark path must be allowed to experience their perceived collective loss so that the larger AI agenda does not come to fruition.


The free will of the few must be temporarily suspended so that the free will of the many is preserved, thus upholding Source Creator’s Prime Directive – A free will Universe.


  1. Logical. Concise. Clear. Many words could be used to describe the idea/ideas laid out in this newest post from you David. I would simply say, “Well done my friend.., well done.” Thank you. Always nice to get a post from you. Blessings.



    1. Thank you. I have been brewing over this subject for quite a while before translating it into words. I’ve been doing some energy work, thus this is more than just another blog post.



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