Are White Hats Doing It All Wrong?

by David Nova

“May you live in interesting times.”

As the few who still read this blog have noticed, I no longer post with any regularity.  I only post when I have something substantial to add to the spiritual conversation.  I’ve always strived to steer my writing in a positive, productive, spiritual direction.  Yet with everything going on in this world, so much of what I could write about might be perceived as critical or negative, and the last thing I want to do with my free time is add more negativity to the mix.  I could continue to talk about duality, but there’s no reason to repeat myself.  

As I said, if I have something substantial to add to the spiritual conversation I will do so.  So buckle up and prepare yourself for a critical and potentially negative post.  Like most of my recent posts, this one has been brewing in my mind for some time, fully baked and ready to deliver.

I admit the title sounds a bit like “click bait.”  I could have given it a more esoteric title as this post deals with esoteric matters.  But why not just be blunt?  It addresses what’s utmost in our minds at this moment in history.  

First, some disclaimers.  I’m not one of those spiritual writers who is going to tell you that everything is being taken care of, that positive forces have everything well under control.  (While this is true from an absolute divine perspective, it is certainly not true from our human perspective, and there’s a huge gulf between these two perspectives.)  Nor am I one of those conspiratorial writers who believes that every positive faction is simply controlled opposition consciously working for a dark agenda.  (However, it is the unconscious agenda that I’m going to address here.)  I’m a spiritual realist who believes this 3D freewill world is messy and complex. There are STO beings, there are STS beings, and there are a whole bunch of confused beings in between mucking things up.  

Second, I need to reiterate a spiritual principle.  Each one of us is a divine spark.  Each one of us is a powerful creator being in our own right gifted with divine freewill (though the vast majority of us are completely asleep to this fact, and those of us who are somewhat awake haven’t quite figured out how to tap into our full potential.)  We are the writers of our story.  We are the co-creators of our world.  And the greater Universe sees us and treats us as such, which is generally why there has been such a hands off policy towards humanity.  Prime Directive stuff.

It has been repeated, ‘ad nauseam’ in my humble opinion, that things will only change for us here on planet Earth when we collectively wake up, stand in our power, and reject our controller’s agenda.  That’s the simple, spiritual formula for human liberation.  An inflow of Light to help awaken us, empower us, and transform us.  All good stuff.  But is humanity’s awakening actually progressing?

Now, I’m ready to address White Hats and the effectiveness of their work.  When I say White Hats I don’t just mean human factions on Earth, any more than I would suggest Dark Hats only refers to human controllers.  There’s a wide spectrum of groups, both on and off planet, both in 3D and beyond, caught up in this (spiritual) struggle for Planet Earth.  Yet for simplicity’s sake, I’m mostly going to look at the actions of human White Hat groups. We can extrapolate from there.

I believe there are human White Hat groups within larger military and intelligence circles who are clandestinely trying to remove Dark Hats from power.  Yes, there are still some decent human beings on planet Earth who are horrified by what is going on.

I am going to look at these groups from a spiritual perspective, not a political/patriot perspective.  There’s a big difference which is usually glossed over by so many alternative sources of information.  

The question I wish to pose is this:  Are White Hat groups operating in a manner that supports the spiritual principle of liberation that I describe above?  (ie: the awakening of humanity to stand in our divine power and reject the controller’s agenda.)  This is the only way true human spiritual liberation will be achieved.  It’s a straightforward question, but the answer is a bit muddy.

Now I’m going to express some opinions based upon available information, critical and intuitive thinking, and careful observation.  You are free to reject any of my conclusions if you disagree.  

We’re told that things are happening behind the scenes, and to some extent we can see some evidence of this.  Odd things are happening, out of the ordinary.  We’re told White Hats are waiting for a greater percentage of the population to awaken before they engage in more visible action.  OK…  Are they actively facilitating greater awakening or just passively waiting and watching?  The same can be said for non-human White Hats.

There’s a subtle form of hypocrisy at work when White Hats proclaim that humanity needs to wake up before any real change can occur, yet they refuse to prioritize that awakening, instead focusing on clandestine operations outside of public perception, as if they want to push the full responsibility on sleeping humanity, while keeping the details to themselves.

There was an imperfect intelligence operation a few years back that did seem to actively facilitate some awakening in a small segment of the population.  You know the letter of the alphabet I’m taking about.  But something changed.  The program was either compromised and/or shut down.   The backlash was extreme.  Independent thinkers were labeled and demonized.   The entire movement was eventually used to divide and conquer, furthering an agenda of division and mind kontrol.  Intentional ploy or simply the outcome of human fallacy?  Does it even matter in the long run?

Fast forward.  Any kernels of truth about a certain health issue and the collective global health response has been effectively muted to the point of deadly silence.  Where was the active facilitation of greater awakening as people died?  Now suddenly, the topic the MSM has screamed about for two years has almost vanished from the headlines overnight.  Yes, things are happening behind the scenes, but is it accelerating our collective human awaking?  Or are we collectively sleeping from one crisis to the next?  

And here is the next crisis to distract us from the failure of the last crisis.  While there may be some truth to the theory that country A invaded country B in part because of clandestine labs doing ungodly things, succeed or not, the outcome of this crisis is already very apparent – much greater division and mind kontrol of the entire world’s population, to a boiling point.

Once again, where is the active facilitation of greater awakening as people die?  Are we just cannon fodder?

I know, death is an illusion.  So is this crazy world we live within.  But when does this insane bubble finally burst?  When does the game reveal itself?  How much insanity do we have to trudge through before we are allowed to collectively wake up?

Let me be perfectly clear in my definition, because I know some readers will misconstrue my meaning.  When I say “active facilitation of greater awakening” I don’t mean they do the work for us.  I don’t mean that people are forced to awaken against their will.  What I mean is that they make it just a little bit easier for truth to actually get out, and once it’s out they work to protect it.  It’s called freedom of speech.  Fight for it!  Blogs like this one aren’t shut down if I use the wrong words.  New protected avenues are created for truth to spread and thrive.  Long held historical evidence is actually released.  [jfk]  [9.11]  And unpleasant things aren’t swept under the rug out of habit.  [jeff e.]

This brings me to the question of White Hat error.  As I asked above, are White Hat groups operating in a manner that supports the spiritual principle of liberation that I describe above?  Or, more likely, are they operating from a perspective of human ego?  Are they operating by the only principles they are programed with: military might, top-down command structure, clandestine intelligence operations, and national security secrecy?  Is awakening the public even a priority for them?  Or like a famous scene from a famous military film, do they subscribe to the belief that the general public simply “Can’t handle the truth!”

The Dark Hats clearly know that steering humanity’s perceptions via the media helps manifest their agenda.  Why don’t the White Hats get this concept? 

Does operating from the confined principles of military structure and ego effectively make them unconscious collaborators in a game that only furthers a dark agenda?  [See my post on Captain America.]  Are they effectively stifling humanity’s awakening instead of facilitating it?  Do they perhaps have some sort of shortsighted, egotistical agenda that they can steer humanity’s awakening toward their own White Hat priorities, political and economic?  And again, this applies to off-world groups as well.

So what could they do differently?

First, step outside the military mind box and get creative.  White Hat groups could start off by finally addressing the problem of big tech censorship and the MSM monopoly.  Make that a tactical priority perhaps?  Sooner than later.  Get the general public support behind you instead of polarizing it against you.  Actively and incrementally facilitate a greater human awakening.  Remember, as more people actively awaken they increase the collective human power to transform this world.  Or do White Hats unconsciously fear this?  Would it mean their role as humanity’s protectors would eventually become obsolete?  Same with off-world groups.  


I know.  Spiritual people always say that we shouldn’t wait around for someone else to save us.  We can only save ourselves.  On a personal, individual soul level that is entirely true.  But on the collective global human stage?  That’s a simplistic bumpersticker.   Humanity is a living collective organism and different beings have to perform different roles.  We evolve individually as souls but also collectively as a planetary consciousness.  Our individual spiritual egos tend to forget this.

So here we stand in this Catch-22.  We need to collectively awaken to liberate ourselves, yet our collective awakening is not being actively facilitated.  It’s more of a long-game passive momentum thing.  Which would be fine if we were in better shape to survive the next several decades, but I look at how younger generations have been irreparably mentally and spiritually damaged by coddling, division, and mind kontrol, and I fear that humanity will not survive it’s own birth to higher consciousness.  And time is running out.

While off-world and multi-dimensional White Hat groups may have an impartial, objective birds-eye view of our situation, they are still viewing our world from the outside.  Many of us were born in this matrix prison to witness what is actually happening within.  Perhaps they should listen to us when we say “guys, I think you need to adjust your perceptions.”  

Yes, this is a post born of frustration.  I know. All of this seems apparent, but has anyone actually stated it?  Written about it?  Put it out there? And oddly enough, the Universe arranged the free time and then pushed me to write it.

This is a fairly personal topic for me, as I’ve been a witness to my own complex relationship with greater spiritual forces.  All my life, I’ve been keenly aware that I have been protected by higher forces, and I am grateful.  That should be enough.  Yet by the same hand, despite my intent and effort, I haven’t been supported by these higher spiritual forces.  For decades I’ve felt my spiritual mission on this planet has never been actively supported, only passively watched over.  I find that troublesome.  Why?   Because a wise parent knows that protection is a form of coddling, but support enables growth.  Because survival is not enough for us.  We don’t want to be coddled and overprotected.  We need to thrive.  We need room to grow.  We need a path that’s open.  We need to fulfill a sense of higher purpose.  Not just sit in a galactic waiting room.  I know there are reasons for this, yet it doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate.  To the flawed human experience, passive is indecisive and weak, active is willpower and strength.  Passive waits for events to shape us.  Active shapes events to serve us.  This all points back to another post I wrote several years ago.

You can reread it here: 
Cosmic Imbalance: Passive Light vs Active Darkness

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  1. So shortly after I published this Musk purchased twitter. Also CNN is set to change ownership. Hopefully, this will help address the issue that I raised above. This has the potential to be a sea change in the media, but I’m not going to hold my breath.



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