Saratoga Ocean: Elon Musk

I like Saratoga Ocean. I think she is consistently looking at the bigger picture that the rest of us may be missing. Her arguments have a logical internal consistency that makes perfect sense, though the ideas are quite on the fringe of what many people may be able to understand or accept. No messenger is perfect, we are all human incarnations, and I do have two small issues with Saratoga, neither of which impacts the importance of her message.

First, a matter of style. Her delivery too often drifts into what I would term “Saccharine Sarcasm,” as if she is addressing children. I find it a bit condescending and ultimately a little dismissive. Why can’t alternative and new age media figures talk like serious adults?

Second, Saratoga is a little obsessed with A.I., to the exclusion of other topics. That’s her thing. I don’t get a lot of hope from her messages. Some might say false-hope. She paints a pretty grim picture for most of humanity. Perhaps that is the reason for the “Saccharine Sarcasm.”

Nevertheless, her read on Elon Musk buying twitter is absolutely fascinating, and highly recommended viewing if you are willing to glimpse the potential big picture.

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