“Lost In Space” Redeems The American Television Family

Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space is more than just entertaining nostalgia – it singlehandedly resurrects a positive portrayal of the American nuclear family on TV. 

By David Nova

When I was a little kid, when there were few science fiction programs to watch, one of my favorites television shows was the original Lost in Space. It may be difficult to explain just how beloved this show was for an older generation, a series that hasn’t exactly enjoyed the lasting impact of its then rival, Star Trek. However, at the core of this show was a very special family we all secretly wanted to belong to. Little boys wanted to be Will Robinson, just as little boys a decade or so later wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

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Enslaving Consciousness in HBO’s Westworld

There are at least three layers to interpret HBO’s science fiction tour de force – as a foundation for transhumanism, as mind control programming, and as the trap of reincarnation. 

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

I’m quite late to this analysis, however I just finished viewing season one of HBO’s spellbinding series, Westworld. I’m a sucker for intelligent, well-written science fiction. Unlike any other genre, science fiction has the potential to create metaphors for multilayered interpretations – Here we have the obvious (transhumanism), the occulted (mind control), but also the transcendent (escaping the reincarnation cycle).

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A Simple Litmus Test For Alt-Media Information

By David Nova

When it comes to seeking Truth on the internet, discernment is a never-ending process. I often use a simple guideline when it comes to discerning Alt-Media information.

There is no perfect formula for separating truth from deception. However using this guideline, you can determine if any information is in your best interest, for your own personal spiritual growth, or if the information is perhaps not in your best interest to absorb.

With the internet and mobile devices, we are bombarded with a tide of information every minute of every day.

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Valerian: A Multidimensional Film Analysis

Valerian is a highly evocative film that lends itself to two very different interpretations, one cynically political, and the other transcendently spiritual.

By David Nova

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is not your typical Hollywood film. Created by Luc Besson, the visionary director of The Fifth Element (1997) and Lucy (2014), Valerian was crowd-sourced, and thus has the distinction of being the most expensive independent film ever made.

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“Snowpiercer” and the Illuminati Matrix

by David Nova [from Deus Nexus | 15 Nov 2014]

In previous posts, I explored how Captain America: The Winter Soldier reveals the larger duality game of the New World Order. Then I explored how recent cinema blockbusters manipulate the duality of the NWO and create a controlled opposition to instill programming for violent revolution in The Giver: More New World Order Duality Programming.

In the film “Snowpiercer,” this form of duality programing is laid bare before our eyes, to instill acceptance, compliance, and full participation with the Illuminati agenda.

The Emperor has no cloths!  Welcome to the asylum!

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Captain America Gives The Illuminati Game Away

The Winter Soldier blatantly showcases the illuminati’s entire NWO play book and then some.

by David Nova [from Deus Nexus | 06 Apr 2014]

(Spoiler Alert, but then if you are reading this commentary you most likely don’t care.)

Right from the trailer, I could tell the new Marvel Studios film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was going to be loaded with New World Order innuendo.  However, the film itself packs quite a gut punch – a blatant documentary of the shadow governement’s rise to power on the eve of achieving their totalitarian dream, that throws us a curve ball, exposing the larger duality game.

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Earth and the Real Light

This quirky little film turned out to be a profound meditation on the nature of divine love, and it was just the message I needed to hear regarding the slow pace at which our deluded world is waking up.

by David Nova [from Deus Nexus | 12 Sept 2013]

Strange things tend to happen on vacation – I find enlightenment in the most unusual of places.  For instance, a cold and rainy night at the beach provided an opportunity to watch a film I might otherwise have never seen. Our little beach house had a collection of DVDs, and I found myself picking an unusual comedy to watch.

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Groundhog Day: A Study in Reincarnation

by David Nova [from Deus Nexus, 22 Feb 2013]

Recently, I’ve read any number of film analysis revealing hidden, negative messages. For a change, I thought I’d do an analysis of a film that portrays a positive spiritual message. When dealing with the negative, you have to dig for hidden occult symbolism. With the positive, the message just naturally rises to the surface, speaking to your intuition.

One of my favorite comedies is a wonderful, unappreciated little film called “Groundhog Day.” With every viewing I’ve picked up some new insight or inspiration. It’s the perfect film to re-watch when you’re feeling down on life and need a little inspiration to get up and go on. However, there are hidden depths to this film that are spiritually insightful, and quite possibly constitute a graduate level course in the process of Reincarnation, culminating in Ascension.

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