SEASON OF THE SERPENT: The Official Book Trailer

The Garden of Eden story is reimagined in this smart and satirical, contemporary fantasy, a metaphysical thriller set in the last days of the Cold War. “Season of the Serpent” is a thought provoking, multi-layered mix of history, mythology, science fiction, and Synchronicity.

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Season of the Serpent: A Hero’s Journey

By David Nova

The Hero’s Journey and the Major Arcana of the Tarot are integrated in a metaphysical book series that illustrates a spiritual journey of awakening beyond the matrix of duality.


“Season of the Serpent” is a metaphysical fantasy series that incorporates real life Synchronicity with a unique mix of historical, esoteric, and extraterrestrial background, presenting a modern re-imagination of the Garden of Eden tale.

Many readers have praised these books for their deep insights of metaphysical knowledge and for dramatizing a journey of spiritual awakening.

However, these books are not for everyone. Some readers have difficulty with them. Because these books are too often described as complexconfusingmultilayered, and esoteric, I decided to put together a study guide to aid curious readers in their journey through the pages of these novels.

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