Saratoga Ocean: Elon Musk

I like Saratoga Ocean. I think she is consistently looking at the bigger picture that the rest of us may be missing. Her arguments have a logical internal consistency that makes perfect sense, though the ideas are quite on the fringe of what many people may be able to understand or accept. No messenger is perfect, we are all human incarnations, and I do have two small issues with Saratoga, neither of which impacts the importance of her message.

First, a matter of style. Her delivery too often drifts into what I would term “Saccharine Sarcasm,” as if she is addressing children. I find it a bit condescending and ultimately a little dismissive. Why can’t alternative and new age media figures talk like serious adults?

Second, Saratoga is a little obsessed with A.I., to the exclusion of other topics. That’s her thing. I don’t get a lot of hope from her messages. Some might say false-hope. She paints a pretty grim picture for most of humanity. Perhaps that is the reason for the “Saccharine Sarcasm.”

Nevertheless, her read on Elon Musk buying twitter is absolutely fascinating, and highly recommended viewing if you are willing to glimpse the potential big picture.

Are White Hats Doing It All Wrong?

by David Nova

“May you live in interesting times.”

As the few who still read this blog have noticed, I no longer post with any regularity.  I only post when I have something substantial to add to the spiritual conversation.  I’ve always strived to steer my writing in a positive, productive, spiritual direction.  Yet with everything going on in this world, so much of what I could write about might be perceived as critical or negative, and the last thing I want to do with my free time is add more negativity to the mix.  I could continue to talk about duality, but there’s no reason to repeat myself.  

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The Error of the Alchemical Process

by David Nova

I was surfing for spiritual insights today, and I found it in spades, yet certainly not as the author of the article intended.

We’re living in a mad, mad world right now. Everything transpiring in our temporal 3D world absolutely reeks of human insanity, where we are rapidly waking up to the realization that the inmates have been running the asylum, and have been for thousands of years. Humanity desperately need to collectively awaken and restore its collective sanity, and quickly.

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Video – Saratoga Ocean

It’s time for a major, more empowered RESET on Ascension. Earlier in 2020 people were saying that all of the suppression and lockdowns on this planet were helpful in inspiring people to wake up. That may have been true at the beginning, but it is no longer true now. The level of planetary control and societal destruction has become far too negative to be helpful any longer. All it is doing now is generating extreme fear, anger, and division. This is not an optimal environment for ascension. Therefore, it is time for us to pivot in terms of our perspective, so we can stay on an empowered path of evolution, and move to a higher timeline accordingly. Rigid spiritual beliefs are not helpful in such a tumultuous environment. Advanced beings know how to ride the waves of ascension in a way that maintains flexibility, while still preserving the ultimate truth of love, light, and oneness. In this video, I show you how to do exactly that by shifting and upgrading your consciousness so you can stay on track in your ascension journey and continue moving to a higher timeline.

The Cats Said It Best

Comment from: Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat

“While the truth is indeed within, it is not being mirrored without. People are upset that so much Truth, so many laws have been openly thwarted, people murdered, businesses and ways of life destroyed, whole elections stolen — a country, in fact, stolen — by people who do Dark things, who relish doing wrong things, and that no election will ever be safe again without massive change that certainly won’t come under the current administration. Yes, it is an Illusion, but the majority of people don’t know that. And why would someone want to willingly participate in such a horrible game?

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Earth is Center Stage


by David Nova

January 17, 2021 – This will be the final chapter of this particular ebook.

We began this journey by asking: What is true happiness? Then we looked at the cosmic history that brought us to our unhappy state of affairs. We explored the duality trap and the causes of our spiritual suffering.  We arrived at the climactic moment in our collective, transformational Hero’s Journey.  

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