SEASON OF THE SERPENT: The Official Book Trailer

The Garden of Eden story is reimagined in this smart and satirical, contemporary fantasy, a metaphysical thriller set in the last days of the Cold War. “Season of the Serpent” is a thought provoking, multi-layered mix of history, mythology, science fiction, and Synchronicity.

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Season of the Serpent: A Hero’s Journey

By David Nova

The Hero’s Journey and the Major Arcana of the Tarot are integrated in a metaphysical book series that illustrates a spiritual journey of awakening beyond the matrix of duality.


“Season of the Serpent” is a metaphysical fantasy series that incorporates real life Synchronicity with a unique mix of historical, esoteric, and extraterrestrial background, presenting a modern re-imagination of the Garden of Eden tale.

Many readers have praised these books for their deep insights of metaphysical knowledge and for dramatizing a journey of spiritual awakening.

However, these books are not for everyone. Some readers have difficulty with them. Because these books are too often described as complexconfusingmultilayered, and esoteric, I decided to put together a study guide to aid curious readers in their journey through the pages of these novels.

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A Conversation About Duality And A Third Force

by David Nova | 28 May 2014

After reading my post, Captain America Gives The Illuminati Game Away, and my metaphysical series, “Season of the Serpent”, fellow blogger, Nathan Martin of contacted me via Facebook.  The result was a lively and enlightening conversation that tackles some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

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Consider A Tree

by David Nova | 24 Dec 2012

Consider a Tree

The Symbol of Life

One living totality of consciousness

The Oneness of being to which we all belong

Always connected, never separate or apart

The trunk as our Creator, the Source of all Life

The divine dividing branches, our soul family, our connection to source

Each individual twigg, a unique soul, our higher selves

The roots below ground, invisible helpers, our guides on the other side

A vital support system providing nourishment and growth

And the leaves that bloom each spring, our human incarnations

Fragile and green, beautiful to behold, but short lived

That shed every autumn, only to be reborn anew every spring

Yet it is our destiny, our mission, our greatest purpose

As collective branches on this Tree of Life

To evolve, to be transformed, and Ascend

To become … Evergreen

Shining with an inner light