Standing on the Precipice


by David Nova

December 2020 – The world is standing on the edge of a precipice. We seem to be at that dramatic moment near the end of a movie when a hero successfully makes their move to save the day or fails to act, thus losing their world. 

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Everything Will Go Back To Normal Now?

This is an excellent article, wonderfully written, inline with everything that I have talked about, worthy of sharing. – David Nova.


by Denise Le Fay

Dream on deluded, self-deluded, unaware and misinformed people. Nothing will ‘go back to normal’ now or in 2021 or in March 2021 or in 2022 or ever. Of course many will continue trying to keep things exactly as they’ve been but it won’t work because “old normal” has expired. The Great Cycles turn to the next higher rung on the evolutionary spiral and NEW template codes and energies replace everything that went with the previous lower frequency rung.

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No Unity [Timeline] Without Justice


by David Nova

Recently, a University of California-Berkeley law professor created a series of videos that explains why terms like “law and order” are “dog whistles” for racism. [source]

This is quite possibly the most delusional and dangerous statement yet made in the escalating culture wars. Despite the color of one’s skin, the average person just wants to live their life safe from harassment, threats, violence, rape, theft, and murder. That should be a no-brainer, but in today’s climate of politicized cultural hysteria, all semblance of common sense is tossed out the window.

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The Fallen Universe


By David Nova

When the angelics stepped down into the manifest universe they inevitably lost some of their direct experience with Source Creator, a “mystery clad being.” Their connection with Source Creator suddenly became less experiential and more conceptual in nature. Though a direct connection was still possible, as they stepped down the octave of densities, as they became entangled within and distracted by the manifest universe, that connection inevitably became weaker. This happened in stages, over the perception of very long periods of time.

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Happiness and Our Illusions


by David Nova

We often tell our children to follow their dreams. We proclaim to ourselves and the world that we’re following our dreams. We like to dream. We like to imagine a better future for ourselves. We wrap ourselves up in our dreams. They become our expectations. We live in a world full of dreams, yet most of those dreams are simply illusions. We tend to get lost in our own illusions. So much of our temporal happiness and unhappiness is rooted in illusion, in magical thinking, which then becomes our expectations. 

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