The Cosmic Game


By David Nova

The cosmos is a singular organism made up of consciousness and conscious energy. This singular organism is basically made up of many parts, who either perceive themselves as a part of the whole or as separate from it. When the various consciousness parts work together in harmony, the cosmic organism is in unity, but when this divine order breaks down, when competing factions form, when duality enters consciousness, there is conflict within the organism. 

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The Mind Creates


by David Nova

Our Universe is perpetually seeking a balance between Being and Doing.

Before the creation of the Manifest Universe, the fully potentiated, fully populated Heavenly Realm existed in a state of “timeless interconnectedness.” In a state of eternal perfection there is nothing that needs to be done, and yet infinite consciousness felt an intrinsic yearning for something. You might call it a yearning for purpose, a yearning for experience, a yearning for something to do, and so the Heavenly Realm set out to create the Manifest Universe, simply because we could.

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