Visibly Handicapped PTW Increases Opportunity for Spiritual Polarity

The cabal’s hands are tied, but their influence has not yet ended. There may be a spiritual purpose to this situation.

by David Nova

I have been reposting my old articles from Deus Nexus, revisiting some of the film analysis I’ve done in the recent past and noticed a distinct change in the social-engineered conditioning that’s occurred in just the last five years. A change of message from the PTW (the Powers That Were), if you will.

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Is The Awakening Being Helped Or Hijacked By The Right/Left Duality Divide?

The political duality divide has never been more extreme. While the tension may lead to greater awakening, is it ultimately distracting, dividing, and conquering humanity?

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

Lately, I’ve been avoiding writing about politics. I’ve been avoiding writing pretty much anything. These days, all roads seem to lead back to politics, and my life has just been too busy to wade back into the swamp.

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