Your Higher Self


by David Nova

Though we are a blind species, there’s a great deal of love and support for us on the other side that we can call upon. We have spirit guides and soul family members, angels and ancestors. But perhaps our most intimate and resourceful spiritual guide is our higher self.  It is our direct connection to God Source.

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Upon the Shore of Eternity


by David Nova

Attempting to describe Eternity in human words is a difficult task. When we paint a picture with words we often get hung up on their literal meaning.  The rational mind likes to debate subtle definitions. The rational mind prefers the 3 dimensional boundaries of form. There is a sense of security in form, a familiar structure, linear movement, a beginning and an end. There is definition in form, a sense of discrete identity, no matter how limited it may be.

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Season of the Serpent: A Hero’s Journey

By David Nova

The Hero’s Journey and the Major Arcana of the Tarot are integrated in a metaphysical book series that illustrates a spiritual journey of awakening beyond the matrix of duality.


“Season of the Serpent” is a metaphysical fantasy series that incorporates real life Synchronicity with a unique mix of historical, esoteric, and extraterrestrial background, presenting a modern re-imagination of the Garden of Eden tale.

Many readers have praised these books for their deep insights of metaphysical knowledge and for dramatizing a journey of spiritual awakening.

However, these books are not for everyone. Some readers have difficulty with them. Because these books are too often described as complexconfusingmultilayered, and esoteric, I decided to put together a study guide to aid curious readers in their journey through the pages of these novels.

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