Are White Hats Doing It All Wrong?

by David Nova

“May you live in interesting times.”

As the few who still read this blog have noticed, I no longer post with any regularity.  I only post when I have something substantial to add to the spiritual conversation.  I’ve always strived to steer my writing in a positive, productive, spiritual direction.  Yet with everything going on in this world, so much of what I could write about might be perceived as critical or negative, and the last thing I want to do with my free time is add more negativity to the mix.  I could continue to talk about duality, but there’s no reason to repeat myself.  

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Life Within Our Perceptual-Cognitive Bubble

by David Nova

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”
– English poet, John Donne (1572-1631)

There’s an old saying, that “No man (or woman) is an island entire of itself.”

The quote and the larger poem by Donne explores the interconnectedness of humanity and our social responsibility to one another, largely from a Christian perspective.  Continue reading →

Is The Awakening Being Helped Or Hijacked By The Right/Left Duality Divide?

The political duality divide has never been more extreme. While the tension may lead to greater awakening, is it ultimately distracting, dividing, and conquering humanity?

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

Lately, I’ve been avoiding writing about politics. I’ve been avoiding writing pretty much anything. These days, all roads seem to lead back to politics, and my life has just been too busy to wade back into the swamp.

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The Pain of Awakening From Spiritual Amnesia

Undergoing a spiritual awakening as an isolated teenager is a wondrous, yet largely terrifying experience. I managed to find spiritual assistance from unlikely sources, through Synchronicity.

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

When I experienced a spiritual awakening in my late teens to early 20s, it was a painful, traumatic, and confusing time. Back in the 1980’s, there was no internet, no bloggers, no New Age section in the local bookstore, no global awakening to aid a bewildered teenager.

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A Simple Litmus Test For Alt-Media Information

By David Nova

When it comes to seeking Truth on the internet, discernment is a never-ending process. I often use a simple guideline when it comes to discerning Alt-Media information.

There is no perfect formula for separating truth from deception. However using this guideline, you can determine if any information is in your best interest, for your own personal spiritual growth, or if the information is perhaps not in your best interest to absorb.

With the internet and mobile devices, we are bombarded with a tide of information every minute of every day.

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The State of Being Sheeple

By David Nova [from Deus Nexus | 18 June 2014]

We call them Sheeple, sleepers, and mindless zombies.  We refer to them as brain-washed and brain-dead. Obviously, these are not terms of endearment. We are less than understanding because it seems their blinders are putting us all in danger. We endlessly criticize them for not being more aware, while we desperately wish they would start to wake up. We somehow know that the transformation of our world, for which we are impatiently waiting, is also waiting for more of them to wake up.

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