Happiness and the Darkness


by David Nova

It may be comforting to believe that those on the Dark Path are unhappy, but the truth is a bit more complicated.

The Ra Material defines this spiritual polarity as “Service-to-Self.” There is an inherent misinterpretation of this label as well. On the surface we think most people are “Service-to-Self.” Most people are a little self-absorbed, a little selfish, generally concerned with self-interest. This is simply the human condition on planet Earth. However, Ra’s use of the term “Service-to-Self” refers to those on the Dark Path, both human and non-human entities whose self-interest goes far beyond the boundaries of consensus morality and accepted humanity. These beings feed on pain, terror, torture, and death. They serve the self over other-selves to the absolute extreme.

These individuals have been hidden for most of human history, living in the shadows like vampires, yet they are finally beginning to be exposed to the light of day. 

We are all motivated by the pursuit of happiness. Like every other being in the Universe, those on the Dark Path seek a form a happiness. Yet for the average non-aligned or Service-to-Others individual, their happiness may be difficult and uncomfortable to fathom. (I’m reluctant to even call it happiness as it is so foreign to our understanding of what typically makes people happy.) One of their pleasures is humor, but it is a dark and twisted sense of humor that feeds upon the subjugation, humiliation, and pain of other-selves.

The Dark Path is motivated almost solely upon the satisfaction of external, Earthly desires: wealth, power, sex, conquest, and death. Even their spiritual pursuits are just a means to this end. There is no spark of inner joy for those on the Dark Path, as there is little-to-no inner light. Yet they experience a kind of terrifying ecstasy in their dark pursuits. Like an addiction, they need greater and greater stimulation to satisfy them. It is not a path that is naturally sustainable on it’s own, so it requires a great deal of discipline and force to fight internal entropy. The Dark Path is always on guard, always paranoid, always fighting against their own self-destruction. And they are highly motivated. Fear is what motivates them. Fear is their true god.

What we need to understand it that just like the Light Path, the Dark Path is a product of many lifetimes. One does not simply embark upon the Dark Path in a single human lifetime. It takes repeated lives of darkness to condition the soul to darkness. What we also need to fathom is that these souls are born into lives of Darkness, into bloodlines of darkness. They are trained and conditioned as children for the Dark Path. Yet it is entirely possible to reawaken and liberate one’s soul, and thus change paths. 

Yes, those on the Dark Path are unhappy, deeply unhappy. They just don’t know it. They can’t feel their own emotions. Emotions and sentimentality are considered a weakness. Their sense of empathy has been neutered. Their Source-connection has atrophied. The only feelings they remotely know are fear and pain. Thus the pleasures they seek involve more fear and pain. They spread darkness like a genetic disease.

They do not understand words like Love and Trust. For them, these words  mean betrayal. One way for those on the Dark Path to begin to step toward the Light path is the realization and belief that the Light will not betray or abandon them. The road may be hard, but there is forgiveness.

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image source: unsplash.com, non-copyrighted images.

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