The Spiritual Balancing Act in the Higher Densities


By David Nova | Deus Nexus

There are three spiritual principles that beings in the higher dimensions (or densities) follow that prevent them from saving us from ourselves, advocating full disclosure, or abandoning us to the darkness.

When dealing with humanity, work in the higher densities requires a very careful balancing act, and these three spiritual principles are like the pillars of a three-legged stood. If one pillar is compromised, the entire stool will fall over, putting humanity at risk.


The Three Pillars or Spiritual Principles Are:

1. Free Will

2. Compassion

3. Truth (Disclosure)

These principles are self-evident and shouldn’t require any explanation.

Here is another diagram that also illustrates this principle, where Zeal is the pursuit of Compassion, Wisdom is the allowance of Free Will, and Knowledge is the attainment of Truth.


They Will Not Save Us From Ourselves

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Compassion, disregarding the principles of Free Will and Truth, they would almost certainly interfere in human history and attempt to save us from ourselves and from the darkness that we have allowed to surround and control us.

There are several sources that claim advanced beings have made this mistake in the past, and that their past interference has created more problems for us than it has solved. There is good reason why many people consider a Prime Directive of non-interference (via Star Trek) to be in effect concerning humanity, but this is not entirely accurate. Compassionate beings will interfere, they may contact us and assist us if we request their help, but only if they can balance the principles of Free Will and Truth in the process.

To reach down and save us from ourselves, they would violate our divine Free Will to choose, create, and be responsible for our own reality. And they would violate the Truth that we are powerful sovereign creator gods in our own right. They would reduce us to handicapped children who require constant care-taking and parental guidance.  We would no longer be Free, nor would we rely upon our own Inner Truth or have any motivation to discover the Truth about true ourselves.

When enough of us choose to receive compassion, we will be assisted, as it is happening even now.

They Will Not Advocate Full Disclosure

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Truth, disregarding the principles of Compassion and Free Will, they would almost certainly come down, land their spaceships on the White House lawn, and reveal everything about our hidden history and our place in the Universe. This would be extremely damaging to those who are unprepared or unwilling to know the full truth yet. Considering our predicament, for a majority of people it would be a form of mental and psychological rape.

Truth and Disclosure are non-linear. Truth can be revealed in an instant. But Compassion slows this  process down through the perception of passing time, allowing the shock to be absorbed gradually and thus healed slowly. Free Will allows us to choose what amount of Truth we receive, as well as the timing of that knowledge. Thus we are ultimately in control of this process of truth-based trauma and healing.

When enough of us choose to know the Truth, it will be revealed to us, as it is happening even now.

They Will Not Abandon Us To Darkness

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Free Will, disregarding the principles of Compassion and Truth, they would almost certainly leave us to our own fate and simply allow us to sink into darkness and self-destruction. They will not do this.

They are constantly balancing our Free Will with the Truth that we are divine beings, aspects of the Creator, that we are intimately connected to each other and the Universe around us, that our separation from them is an illusion.

They are constantly balancing our Free Will with Compassion, protecting us from our own self-destruction. There have been numerous accounts from government whistleblowers that extraterrestrials have been closely monitoring our nuclear weapons programs and have interfered to neutralize them when necessary.  And they will continue to quietly interfere in the background, protecting us from catastrophic danger, while still balancing our Free Will, much the way a parent might prevent a child from touching a hot stove, yet still allow the child to roam the house freely.


It’s quite a difficult job they undertake – balancing Truth, Compassion, and Free Will. It requires a great deal of wisdom to know just how far one leg, or pillar, can be stretched, while keeping the stool perfectly balanced.  They may not always succeed. They may become cautious. They may even learn from their missteps. Such wisdom requires advanced spiritual beings to sustain their own inner balance, between  the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their expression.

There is no “Right Way” or “Wrong Way.” For the Light, there is only “Balance.”  If humanity wishes to advance intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, we must do the same. We must learn to adopt and sustain our own balancing act.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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