Galactic Civilizations


By David Nova

For the record, the spiritual information I convey his its limits. What I pick up are impressions, concepts, storylines, and connections – what would be considered right brain information. What I do not pick up are specific details, names, places, or a detailed chronology – what would be considered left brain information. 

In many respects this is preferable, as readers can discern the overall message for itself rather than getting lost in the weeds of ultimately irrelevant details. The creative right brain and the analytical left brain work very differently, however the right brain is more suitable for a direct spiritual connection.

In my fictional work I had to invent the left brain details, while the right brain impressions felt spiritually valid. So the result is a mixture of fiction and insight. The following information about galactic civilizations should be considered in this light. It comes from years of research married to my own intuitive insights.

The cosmology of the manifest universe is a very complex soup. The fallen angelics were not physical beings. They were/are formless eternals. Some of them took on a manifested form. They were/are the creator gods of old, perhaps 5th and 6th and 7th density beings, the watchers and guardians, the fallen ones and old rulers or Archons. (Many would eventually return to Source Creator and an AI program would take their place).

These creator gods helped to create and shape the advanced physical civilizations, 3rd and 4th density beings. In turn, these advanced civilizations helped to create and shape the lower physical civilizations through genetics and genetic experimentation. Genetic lines have always been important to these civilizations. Selective breeding was the Ordered way. Genetic slicing and dicing was the Chaotic way, leading to all sorts of failures and chimeras, many of which would eventually become extinct.

However, Earth and the human civilization is something quite new and completely different, created for a specific purpose after the ancient galactic wars. In this sense, the Star Wars films are quite true. A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, a great galactic civil war took place. 

The galactics/advanced civilizations were not blind like us, they did not have amnesia like us. However, when the angelics fell, a very important aspect of their relationship with Source Creator was lost/forgotten. They couldn’t put their finger on it, and it’s very difficult to describe. The manifest universe still hasn’t reconnected to Source Creator completely, yet we are making great progress.

Most of our understanding of history is backwards. The advanced civilizations did not evolve from primitive peoples to become advanced beings. They were already quite highly advanced when they entered the manifest universe. I’m not sure how that works exactly, but the blueprint of any civilization begins in the higher densities. Then it is manipulated in the lower densities. 

The galactics fought a long and technologically advanced civil war from the fallout of the Luciferian rebellion. It was a war of many civilizations, over epochs of time, as creation expanded outward across the universe though war and conquest.

There were light being warrior races of Order who would eventually make up a Galactic Federation. There were dark being warrior races of Chaos who formed what is known as the Orion Empire. Some advanced civilizations broke apart and formed new colonies, new civilizations. There were advanced and not-so-advanced races that no longer wished to be involved in the conflict, who learned to hide their civilization from war. Over time they became complacent pacifists, thus some of them were discovered, conquered, and enslaved by the Orion Empire.

The doorway back into eternity was closed to many of these beings as the universe began to fall further in vibration. This gulf grew wider with galactic war. There were great lessons from these wars that had to be learned by the galactics, lessons about duality, power, wisdom, integration, forgiveness, and love, some of the very same lessons we are learning today. Complex emotions were new to the galactics. The forces of Chaos were experimenting with them, while the forces of Order were avoiding them. 

One of the results of these galactic wars was the emergence of a new level and a new paradigm of duality. The galactics would evolve in their consciousness from the simple duality of Chaos vs. Order, to what Ra would refer to as the polarity of Service-to-Self vs. Service-to-Others.

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