The Luciferian Lie


by David Nova

I believed in Darwin’s theory of evolution.  On the surface, the theory certainly seems to be the logical, organic process of creation. I also believed that Creationism, that the world was created in six days or a few thousands years, was simplistic, Biblical nonsense. I was a strong proponent of a blended theory, that the process of evolution involved some form of intelligent design, that the theories were not mutually exclusive. 

Of course, once you dig deeper into the mysteries of our origin, consider our mythologies, the possibility of extraterrestrial origin or genetic manipulation, the unexplained leap (the missing link) between primate and homo sapiens, you need to reevaluate the definition of intelligent design. 

Yet I now find my beliefs about human origin have radically shifted, and it is uncomfortable new territory. Put into the context of the Luciferian rebellion and the fallen manifest universe, the theory of evolution is a lie, a distortion, just another Luciferian reversal.

However this lie is so ingrained in our cultural belief system that without radical new evidence, such as ET disclosure, it will never be corrected. It’s just symptomatic of the grand spiritual deception that controls humanity. The theory of evolution is in fact a Trojan Horse for the religious doctrine of a Luciferian belief system.

Most of our understanding of history is completely backwards. The advanced civilizations did not evolve from primitive peoples to become advanced beings. They were already quite highly advanced when they entered the manifest universe. I’m not sure how that works exactly, but the blueprint of any civilization begins in the higher densities. Then the blueprint is manipulated in the lower densities. 

Evolution, as we understand it, doesn’t exist. Our galactic history is the story of our spiritual decent into the fallen manifest universe and our return journey and homecoming to Source Creator. 

Human life was not a happy accident, as evolution teaches. Our planet was not some obscure, primitive swamp in the backwaters of the Universe where life evolved from salamanders into walking biped. Bipeds already existed throughout the universe. There were advanced civilizations on Earth long before our our earliest historical records. And our current genetic human form was bred and manipulated by various other civilizations. We may be many things – a colony, a farm, a genetic experiment, a prison, a classroom, but we are not an evolutionary petri disk.

So when Luciferians talk about the process of evolution, they are actually talking about our collective descent into darkness, our de-evolution from spiritually advanced beings into physical and temporal slaves of the manifest universe. They are talking about the evolution of their own control mechanisms. They are talking about their ideal of the superior man over the inferior man. They are talking about the belief that only the strongest predators can adapt and survive. They are talking about the evolution of Darkness over Light. The extinguishment of Light and the denial of Source Creator.

Yet there was a point in our history when we collectively reached the bottom of our fall into darkness and we decided to start crawling back to the Light. And the Luciferians had to go into hiding, and into denial.  The theory of Evolution is that denial, and the world is nearly ready to wake up.

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