The Cats Said It Best

Comment from: Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat

“While the truth is indeed within, it is not being mirrored without. People are upset that so much Truth, so many laws have been openly thwarted, people murdered, businesses and ways of life destroyed, whole elections stolen — a country, in fact, stolen — by people who do Dark things, who relish doing wrong things, and that no election will ever be safe again without massive change that certainly won’t come under the current administration. Yes, it is an Illusion, but the majority of people don’t know that. And why would someone want to willingly participate in such a horrible game?

“This isn’t the loss of beliefs being mourned, it’s the loss of Truth, the loss of momentum for people WANTING TO DO the right thing for the right thing’s sake. The right thing isn’t even being taught anymore. That makes change within even harder, as you have to fight and scrape for every inch of “fact,” of history. Now, good people might just give up and walk away; they will choose not to participate, to give up, and civilization will start to collapse. This is the cabal’s goal. This is not just about politics: It is a victory for entropy, and it spells doom for this country if it is unchecked. And if the U.S. goes, all the civilized countries go. People have a hard time finding the light while scrabbling through bones in the darkness.

“There is no society without Truth, without honor. Truth and honor are not Illusions. They are what makes life worth living. Truth extends into all the densities — except into 3d, ostensibly. But we shall see how long this lasts.”


White hats, black hats, gray hats, all are playing a game where Truth is manipulated, distorted, and discarded, and I will not have it. — DN.

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  1. Very much appreciated – the sharing of this sentiment. I see more easily now a division of humanity into those who believe in illusion and theatricality and those who perceive, however dimly, the controls and levers of a darkly manipulated reality. This is a fluid ‘division’ and in no way the basis for a lasting judgement. We will all finally grow up. Hooray for those who are here to nudge us toward that maturation!



    1. A very slow spiritual maturation to be sure, that is being resisted, kicking and screaming, every step of the way. What has been eye-opening over the past few months is the magnitude of complacent corruption, from the federal to the local level, those who refuse to show any moral spine or rock the boat of this manufactured reality. So many with a hand in this election process have been behaving like the character Cypher from the Matrix Trilogy, who regrets taking the red pill and seeks to be returned to the Matrix, later betraying the rebels to Agent Smith. For every person who wants to wake the world up there is another desperate to put us back to sleep. What we need at this point is a very loud, Divine alarm clock. The gentle nudging should expire. Maybe it’s time for the spectators to appear in our skies.

      Thanks for the comment.



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